Hey everyone, my window for reenlistment closes in 8 weeks and my unit is telling me that it will take about 6 weeks to receive my interim so that I may request the MOS. Is there anyone I could call or do to perhaps try and expedite this interim?
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The best way to have your clearance go through quick is to have an ACCURATE SF86 with no gaps in dates. This means even your basic training, AIT, and deployments (if it is within 10 years). I suggest you use Facebook or an old Basic training yearbook in addition to AKO to look up previous Drill SGTs or POC's. It will need to be accurate addresses and Phone #s.
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I have a Secret already. I meant to say unit S2 when I mentioned the 6 weeks. I'm doing all this so that I may request a seat for 35N since all the seats are full.

Have the career counselor talk with your unit's S2 to try to work out something. Besides that, I do not have any more advice to offer.

Even though I been in the military (again active but this time over a decade) for some time, my TS clearance approval took 1.5 years before it was finally adjudicated. Remember, there are a finite amount of investigators handling investigations for the DoD. And with the amount of issues we have had with security violations during the war on terror, investigations are being more scrutinized than ever.

You will have to be patient. Even though you may believe, you have a simple and unblemished record with excellent credit and references.

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