typical day as a 25u?

Plan on being assigned to one of the BCTs most likely down at one of their line battalions. Will be working on the radios a lot obviously but also plan on doing a lot of the automations stuff as well as gopher work. One thing you'll learn about being signal is that to everyone else, it doesnt matter what your actually MOS is, you're signal which means if it has a plug then you're supposed to be able to fix it.

Days will depend on the unit and what they have going on at the time. Plan on a fair bit of field time (although the field at Riley really isn't bad compared to other places I've been. Summer is hot (although if you just survived summer in GA you'll be fine). Winter is cold as h3!! (and the wind only makes it worse). Do you have your actual paper orders in hand yet? If so, which BCT does it say you'll be going to? Enjoy Riley (I just left there about a year ago).
Chief is right on everything he said. Especially the part about, "Your signal, you should know how to do that..." I get this quite often.

I spent almost 3 years at Ft. Drum (my first duty station, got there as an E3). I was in a Signal Company, meaning there were more than just Uniforms there. We each had our seperate part. I, being a Uniform was assigned to the Retransmissions Section. So all I worked with was radios, we had other guys for everything else signal. So I didn't actually learn anything but radios (other than the bits of cross-training that I got from the guys in my spare time).

If you don't know already, a Retrans section basically will set up a site halfway between the HQ TOC and the Infantry guys out on the ground to help stregthen and "push" the signal of the grunts. Easy, and boring too.

Alot of the stuff in a Signal Company is very busy at first setting everything up, and then from there is fairly simple and slow (until something goes wrong).

You could also get put in a S6 shop, which then you will be working more automations(computers/networking).

Retrans and S6 are where Uniforms get put a lot of times, but there are lots of exceptions out there too.

If you want to know more, just give us a little more info once you find out what type of unit, company, section you will be in.

If I am incorrect on something I hope someone will chime in and help correct.

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