Typical Day for 21B or 21C?

[quote:7ddfccbae7="robert.olinger"]Basic training for most 21Bs is at Fort Leonard Wood. As for the type of day, I wouldnt have a clue. I've only been a 21B in the Guard.[/quote:7ddfccbae7]

I left Ft. Campbell back in early '02. They did their training in cycles just like the infantry brigades.
Green: take leave, go to college, have passes
Amber: Go on field problems, train
Black: Get ready to pack and go within 6 hours

Just my two cents :twisted: :twisted:
Engineers clear and build the way!!!!!
Air Assault!!!
When I was a 12 C (now its 21 C I thank) we spent probably 55% of the time in the motor pool, 40% of the time doing training (CTT/MOS Trng), and 5% of the time doing post police etc (however that was at Ft. Hood prior to 9/11).
However 21C's don't get many places to go (Hood, FLW, Polk, Hanau GE, and Korea). Better off being a 12B if you want to do stuff like Airborne.

Just my opinion though Smiler
first hand experience, front line brigade. engineers support everyone, field artillery, Combat Support hospitals, US Air Force, if your driving on it, an engineer built it. when your plane lands, its on an airfield an engineer built. when you cross the river, an engineer put up the bridge. if your going across the border after the taliban, you can bet an engineer has already recon'd the route, cleared the mines and broke trail. my personal opinion this is the best damn MOS ever, whether your a 21B, 21 C, 21E (heavy junker) or 21T (topo). but everyone has thier own opinion. i can tell you this though, there is only 1 airborne engineer brigade in the entire united states army. there is only 1 rough terrain (smoke jumper) company in that brigade, if your looking for elite, or special training, and training for your wartime mission, this is the place to be. welcome to fort bragg ( go twelve bravo, it the 1 2 be ) LOL.

and no, i was never a recruiter!!! just in case you were curious.
I usually wake up, decide that screaming is not a good option (it would wake up my buddies) and that killing myself would not be good idea because I go home in 4 months. That being said, I have advice for you.

If you become an 21B:
Get assigned to the Canine mine clearance unit of the 35 Engineer Brigade (the training brigade for all engineers). These dudes are high speed and are the future of mine clearance, a primary job of the engineers. Otherwise, get in the 27 EN BN, that's the airborne unit. Do not go 21C or 21B anywhere else. Reason being, the Army needs carpenters and masonry specialists more than it does combat engineers at this time. You will recieve much on the job training in both those fields, most likely. Most infantry units will have their own guys trained in demolitions and hate you for not being infantry. Well, not hate, but think less of you. I spent about 3 months on bagram's QRF and that's the attitude, from regular army to national guardsmen to marines.

My personal advice is go SF. If you can make it, you get to live the good life. All the high speed gear you could want (And it mostly WORKS!!), one high speed mission a month, people think you're a hero, and no army regulations apply to you.
YES, DRILL SERGEANT! The 35 EN BDE is the training brigade for the Engineers, combat and otherwise. It is located in beautiful Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Since the canine unit is the first of it's kind in the Army, it's undergoing it's testing phase as a part of the 35.

Also, I have new advice for young Evans. Should you join my Corp of Engineers, and end up in afghanistan, get the hell out of Bagram. Go to a PRT. Life is much better at PRTs, because you are away from the division headquarters and the anal retentive officers/NCOs therein.

What unit are you on the trail with, grlrplmstr?
Ganny, I have news for you.
There is NO SUCH THING AS 35th Engineer Brigade. There is the 1st Engineer Brigade, which encompasses 5th Engineer Battalion (FORSCOM unit), 577th Engineer Battalion (construction engineer AIT instructors and the Sapper school), 554th Engineer Battalion (EOBC), 169th Engineer Battalion (construction engineer AIT companies), and [b:2719bedf4c]35th Engineer BATTALION (combat engineer AIT battalion).[/b:2719bedf4c]
I should know, since I used to be a construction engineer instructor and I am currently a drill with the 35th. No need to be sarcastic. Look at where I said I was. "Ft. Lost in the Woods". Every engineer knows that means FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO. By the way, the canine unit is with HHC, 577th En Bn. They haven't gotten a unit in 35th. I ought to know, one of the guys stationed in one of the combat engineer companies at Campbell (326th En Bn - in case you are confused) showed up last year and told me he was part of the new detatchment. For the life of me, I'm sorry to say I don't remember his name, but he remembered me.

Just my two cents to start some $#!+ :twisted: :twisted:
Engineers clear and build the way!!!!!
Air Assault!!!

-Who will train the privates? Not everyone can be a drill sergeant.

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