Okay at my station, one of our sergeants is having a little problem with a high school student. (about the ASVAB) So I've been sent on the mission to find out WHEN DID THE US MILITARY BECOME A VOLUNTARY SERVICE? If you can help I'd greatly appriciate it. Just send me an e-mail to pfcdonnell@yahoo.com, with the answer. Because I honostly don't know when I'll be back on this site.
Thanks again!!!
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Okay I forgot one more thing, if anyone of you can get me as MUCH information on the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT. I'd, ... well I'd be able to complete my mission. I've searched through so many sites and search engines. Then my buddy PFC Marquis told me about this site. Hopefully you guys will be of great help.
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the draft ended in 1973.

I originally though, "Wasn't the US Army voluntary prior to the institution of the draft?". But after a short trip to Wikipedia, I found that all previous armys had some type of draft. Pres Nixon and the Department of Defense extended the original date, as decreed by Congress, from June 1971 to June 1973.

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