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I am currently in Iraq, where we are setting up PBO's for the military side of the house. We are in the process of setting up DRMO's, CIF's and all the good stuff.
But I do need some help. I need to get a copy of an ULLS-S4 manual. My ako account is on the fritz and I am working with them on it.
Can anyone out there help me?

Thanks in advance.
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Please keep in mind that I am an MP and until I did a little looking around on google, I had no idea what ULLS even stood for...but I hope that some of this info may help...



Army National Guard Kentucky ULLS-S4 page:

Unit Level Logistics System "Fly Sheet":
[url]http://www.gcss-army.lee.army.mil/PDFs/ULLSflysheetNew.pdf[/url] 575kb

ULLS-S4... Preparing PBUSE Conversions,
Page 1. PS 612 NOV 03 56 ULLS-S4… Preparing PBUSE Conversions ULLS-S4 is now included in the property book unit supply enhancement (PBUSE) pro- gram. ...


another link:

Hope some of this helps.. After looking at some of the info on those sites I am glad that I chose Military Police.

I have everything you need from ALAT North in Balad. If you are in Baghdad, you're in luck. I have everything from the ULLS S4 manual, to Logistician cheat sheets, code references, system revuild flow charts, and just about any other support manual, or contact for information.

bad news is, it's on "Electrons" meaning a thumbdrive. Worse news is, my connection is dial up. Poor dialup.

IM me here, and I will provide further contact info, ect.

Instructions for a "Christmas Tree" or "PACMAN"-
External Rebuild for Version Conflicts and Restraint Errors

Boot to DOS and sign on to ULLS-S4
If the screen displays all kinds of colored shapes follow the steps in PACMAN and return here if problems persist.
From the ULLS-S4 Main menu press Esc once.
Enter a N in response to the quit for the day prompt.
At the sign on screen press Esc once, enter a Y at the exit to DOS prompt. (Note: You must sign on and off)
Type the Commander's password and press enter.
The screen will display: c:\s4exec>
Type cd c:\s4data (include the blank space by pressing the spacebar once). Press enter
The command prompt will display: c:\s4data>
Type rebuild and press enter.
You are now in the SAGE Restructure /Rebuild utility, on the left you will see two files: SDI.DFL and ULLS-S4.DFL
Select the ULLS-S4.DFL by pressing the down arrow key once. Press enter.
The password screen appears, press enter
In the center of the screen you will a list of files. Locate the legend in the lower right portion of the screen.
You are looking for * (star), ? (question mark), or - (dash) to the left of the file names. Use arrow key to scroll down the list. * = tagged, ? = error, - = no data
It is common to see the files AWESX40N, AWESX41N, and AWESX42N marked with a hypen (-) indicating no data.
Note the files that have these indicators, write them down for future reference
When done making notes press F5 to select all of the files then press enter.
"If the process aborts at this stage and kicks you back to the DOS prompt there is a memory conflict in the
CONFIG.SYS statements, go to your CSSAMO or notify us."
For more information on a file that is tagged with one of the symbols in 9 above, press F6 with the file highlighted.
The right side of the of the screen will list some options and depending on what type of problem you have been experiencing. 0 = exit, 1 = index, 2 = Reformat & Index, 3 = Version Rebuild
For restraint problems choose option 1, press enter, then when done, repeat and select option 2.
Normal maintenance run option 2 once a week.
For Version conflicts select option 3. Then ensure the old ULLS-S4.DFL is highlighted.
Press enter to run the rebuild process.
"As the rebuild process is running it may beep and briefly list errors. The errors will normally be the file names that
were marked by one of the codes ( * ? - ) above."
You may notice one error towards the endo fo the process, file not found for ULLS-S4 Exec and have a machine code symbol after it, this is common and not a problem.
When the process is done it will give the total number of errors at the bottom of the screen and the name with the location of the log (c:\s4data\ULLS-S4.RBD), write it down for future reference.
Press Esc twice to exit the rebuild utility
You are now back at the command prompt: c:\s4data>
To view the rebuild log type: edit ulls-s4.rbd once open you can scroll the log for more information on the errors encountered.
When done making notes press and release the following: Alt F X (these are the shortcut commands to close the editor program)
As part of weekly maintenance, if there are no major (files marked with * or ?) problems you should delete the rebuild log. The next time rebuild is run it will recreate the file.
To delete the log ensure that you are still at the c:\s4data> (command prompt) type del ulls-s4.rbd and press enter.
Type s4 to restart ULLS-S4.
Note: It is important to include the spaces in the commands but do not use any punctuation marks

Maintenance tip: Change the number of days to purge the document register log to 10. If the log grows too large it will casue problems. To change it: From the ULLS-S4 Main Menu press U, then press enter. Select update (option 2) DODAAC, then select Option 4. Press enter to bring up the second screen at the bottom you will see the purge frequency, change it to 10, press enter.

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