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I am on orders to PCS halfway across the country. In my initial contact with my gaining command, they tell me that the unit is about to PCS itself. The entire BN is scheduled to move to a third post, one closer to me now than they are. I have never been part of a unit changing bases, and was hoping that someone could help me understand the process. Their move is scheduled for a little more than a year after I arrive. Will I be expected to move twice in two years (which the Army is supposed to be trying to avoid like the plague) or will I transfer to another unit on post while the unit moves. If it matters, I am a low-density MOS. Also my child starts high school right before we move to the new unit, and will be in the middle of sophomore, or close to the end of it by the time the unit relocates; will the high school stabilization program help to keep me on the new post?
No theories please, I'm looking for experiences from people who have first hand, or doctrinal knowledge about this process. Thank you all in advance for your support.
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I arrived to Germany when my unit was slated to move because Mannheim/Heidelberg was closing and many other units were being disbanded/reflagged.

Yes, the government will pay for the other move; even if its less than the normal time for a PCS. Twice, during my career, I have PCSed two times in less than a year. And this was due to schools that were for six months.

If this may be an issue, I will contact your branch manager ASAP.

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