I have a question that I keep receiving conflicting information for - I was just promoted to E-5, however due to an administrative error, my promotion orders were back dated to 1 Sept 06. I now have a year of unrated time (and obviously its my first NCOER), while technically I was a SGT, I was still a SPC during this time and am curious does my NCOIC need to do an NCOER for me, as well as go back to my prior unit and to the NCOIC I had with my current unit who is not here any longer to construct an NCOER? Or can I have the G1 prepare the memorandum for record that gives the justification for the lack of an NCOER?

Thank you!
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while technically I was a SGT, I was still a SPC during this time

So were you a specialist in a sgt position or were you a sgt? Can you technically be a sgt?
I think hes saying that he made pts, but didnt get promoted because someone somewhere messed up the paperwork. Now the paperwork has caught up, and they are 'promomoting' now although he made pts last year. Thats what I got from here. I would say he probably does not have to rate you, since you did not pin on the rank. I guess it depends, if they knew you were an E-5 in waiting, and you held an NCO position, then yes I would say that they should.
It was a paperwork issue, it didn't help that I was in the process of changing units after the list came out, so with the assistance of my current NCOIC and my SGM they were able to correct the issue this past week.

My effective date is 1 Sept 06 and the Date of Rank is 1 Sept 06

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