Updating ERB for my points

I recently graduated from WLC here at Bragg, the school told me that its my S1's responsibility to update my ERB to show that I graduated.

My training room flat out refuses to take my 1059 up to S1 and get it updated..Does anybody have any information on how I can get this done?

My ERB already shows WLC on the schools section...but it still says "Enrolled" as well.

My PPW does not show the NCOA for WLC at all. Im missing my points. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you a E4 or E5? I know some units require E4 and below to go with their NCOs to S1.

If you are an NCO, I will go to S1 directly. If you are an E4, discuss this with your next line leader on getting this resolved. I cannot understand as to why they would refuse that simple request.

That is one of the benefits I have as a Chief. I just email my updates to my civilian rep at branch and he updates it immediately. Sad, that you have to experience this unnecessary bureacracy.

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