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Hey, i was wondering, what happens if youre overweight on your Shipping date? I was supposed to ship on the 17th, but since i was close, the recruiters made me wait until today, and theyve decided to now, hold me until tomorrow.

If i AM overweight on that day, they say that ill be a "DEP Loss" and unable to join the military for 2 years. THis sounds like BS to me. Am i calling this correctly, or are they correct? Thanks!
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Someone might be able to correct me, but it shouldn't matter. When I went through basic there were people who no way could have passed their weight/tape.

Maybe something is changed, or maybe they are BSing you.

The only thing that makes me think they are telling the truth is because I can't see a single stinking reason those recruiters wouldn't want to get your ass shipped out ASAP.
I've never heard of banishment from military service because you're overwieght. Your recriters have thrown some BS at you before, so it's easy for me to not believe this. But just because I've never heard of it, doesn't mean it isant true. You might want to go sit in a sauna for an hour. That should make you sweat off a couple pounds.
V8, 30 min run/jog daily, lean beef, brown rice, plenty of water. That's it for 2-3 weeks. you will lose weight. I know that isn't "the answer" you were looking for. But on the bright side in 2 years that is loads of time to go to school, get in shape, and read some army literature to help with your career.
Well I know that if you're overweight that they are going to do a body fat calculation by utilizing that good old tape measure. I think that your body fat percentage can be higher when you depart from MEPS. It's like they know you will lose that weight or inches when you go to basic because the standards go from (just as an example) at MEPS allowing 23% body fat to 21%. Correct me if I'm wrong...

If you're worried just make sure you have a fat neck and skinny waist. I would always stretch out my neck because I didn't know any better. Smiler
Many of the things that are waiverable once you are in, are not easily done while at meps. For instance vision or weight. The two years part I am not sure of, but I do know that your unit can put you in for waivers or keep you from the fat boy PT at your commanders discretion, but when you are at MEPS, the standards they are supposed to keep are pretty high.

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