I recently changed TPU's upon promotion to SSG. I just came off ADOS-RC orders for USSOCOM and have new ADOS-RC orders for the same team that started today and run for a full year until 30 SEP 2015.

I missed the last WOSB for my MOS waiting for a medical waiver that has now been granted. Since then my Accessions NCO has ETS'd and I have a new one for my new TPU, who mostly does Officer Accessions and doesn't do warrant packets very often as there are no WO slots in the units she serves. (She works with my TPU; the CW2 slot I have reserved is with an ARE in a different command.)

This new Accessions NCO tells me that I must have less than six months left on my ADOS orders to drop a packet, and that when I get picked up I will need to REFRAD immediately in order to to go to WOCS.

None of the WO's I work with believe this is correct; two of the three were selected while on orders, one while deployed and one while ADOS, and both finished their tours and went to WOCS after their orders were up. Granted, this was a while ago. However, I was ADOS-RC last year when I submitted my packet the first time, and this issue wasn't mentioned.

- Has there been a change in policy?

I checked with another Accessions NCO for another unit, and he didn't seem to think this was correct, either (he believes that what my Accessions NCO said is the case for Officer Accessions, though) but he has no visibility on policy as this is a rare issue and he's never dealt with it. His understanding is that my WOCS date can be pushed back until the end of my orders no problem -- I just submit my orders with my packet -- but this is not an option for officers, who must REFRAD upon acceptance.

- Does anyone know if it's possible to push back my WOCS date until after my orders end?

I've checked AR 135-100 and can't find anything about ADOS orders, nor Reserve WOC's on tour. There is also nothing in the messages on the WO Accessions site.

- Does anyone have eyes on this policy or where I can find it?

- If this is the case -- if I must REFRAD upon selection -- would I be out of line to put a memo in my packet requesting an exception to policy, so that I can go to the November board but request a school date after my orders end? I could have it signed by an O-5 or possibly an O-6, and the memo would include my orders, of course.

- Whom can I contact to determine for sure? I really don't want to go directly to the CW5 for my MOS with this.

My ADOS-RC orders are for a high-speed gig as a SME for USSOCOM. This position is fiercely competitive; the selection process involves a packet and interviews and my duties include briefing our TSOC commander. It's not the kind of thing I can really just walk away from even if I wanted to, as I have a unique skill set and my team was extended a year to preserve unit integrity. I'll wait if I must. However, this coming board has postponed submissions for my WO MOS until 27 OCT due to need, and I have a slot reserved already, so I'd really like to go to this board if there's any possible way for me to do so and still finish my tour.

I apologize for the many questions. Any answers are much appreciated.
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For my WOMOS, here are the POCs for each component

I suggest that you look at your MOS that you are applying for and contact the RC POC on that webpage. And if that POC is a CW5, then that is the person you will communicate with. They will be the ones that will be able to assist you.

When you get orders, you will have to deal with your branch manager to request a date that is suitable for you but personally, I would rather go sooner than wait for later.

You do not request a school date. You wait to you get selected (not a given if you will get selected and I am referring to Federal WOCS) and then go from there.

If you want to be a Warrant, you have to comply on their terms, not yours. Regardless of your high-speed position, if you want Warrant, then want it now; not later when its convenient for you. WO positions are dropping and selections are getting stricter. Many would love to jump on the opportunity now.

You talk about competitive? I am now in a WOMOS that there is only 100 of us in the US Army across the three components and many are competeting for a career in Cyber.

Good luck.

For anyone keeping score, I opted to sink my teeth into the FY15 tour and not even worry about the board, and then reapplied this past January. It seems counterintuitive on its face but I'm glad I did it that way; I had an opportunity to run with the throttle wide open against a fantastic problem set for a full year, and broadened my technical and leadership skill sets considerably. At the end of the tour, I earned a 1/1 from my branch chief and stellar LORs when I reapplied.

I was selected at the March board. I will attend WOCS at the beginning of FY17.

This was admittedly risky, because had I ham-fisted this assignment, I'd be screwed.

I have learned that you can -- absolutely can -- stay on orders with a packet in for the WOSB. In the Reserves.

As a WOC, you do not lose your enlisted MOS until you finish WOCS; once you finish WOCS, you become an 09W until you finish WOBC. In the Reserves, you can choose your school dates for WOCS/WOBC, and scheduling the schools for a date after your orders end is not a big deal. My understanding it that this is not the case on AD; you need an ETP memo explaning the circumstances in order to push your school dates to the right.

The primary confusion lies in the Officer Accessions program, wherein selected Soldiers lose their MOS immediately. That, and the whole "less than six months left on orders" thing, are both stipulations unique to the officer track. However, explaining this up and down your chain of command is probably more headaches than you want to put yourself through, as you will likely hit resistance at every single station. If you're reading this because you're in the same boat I was in, my advice would be to finish your tour, do an outstanding job, and then apply.

Go forth. Do great things.

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