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After making several unsuccessful attempts to contact my Branch Manager I finally decided to email the QM Branch SGM only to receive this heartless response (please read below). I thought our Branch Managers were there to help us! Coming off a detail like recruiting (in light of all the media coverage on suicides in Army Recruiting Command) you would think that Branch would try to work with you a little.

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Good Morning, My name is "JUST A NUMBER" and I am currently assigned

to Recruiting Company as a detailed recruiter. I was recently notified that HRC

is curtailing the recruiting tours of soldiers with 30 months time on station this

summer in support of the GWOT. It appears that my name has made the list. I have

already informed my 1SG that I would like to extend my recruiting tour but there is no

guarantee I will be approved. So...with that being said, I would like to prepare

myself for the possibility of a PCS. A bit of history on me...I'm a former Marine and

currently have a total of 17 years of active military service(3 years out from

retirement). I also purchased a home in TX that may present financial difficulty if

I am forced to sell in this housing market. I would like to see if there are any

assignments available for a 92Y around the TX area so I may keep my home until retirement:

1.) Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio TX
2.) Fort Hood, TX

Any info would be greatly appreciated Smiler

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We cannot support an extension request of your recruiting duty. Additionally, we do

not base assignments on where Soldiers havepurchased homes or their retirement plans.

Coming off of recruitingduty you will be placed on assignment to a division. We will

consider your preferences when making your next assignment please ensure they are up-

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