USAREC Work Hours Extending Again?

My leadership has told us for several weeks that the USAREC work hour policy will be revised this October. We were told that due to poor senior production, USAREC will return to the "old" operating hours that were in effect before Army Recruiters began to commit suicide at an alarming rate. As Soldiers, obviously we'll adjust fire and drive on, but I would like to know for sure. I have tried to independently verify that the work hour policy will change, to no avail. I've Googled news outlets and scoured the forums section on this website. Does anyone in the ASG community have eyes on this policy change and/or can verify that there are plans to change the work hour policy? I thought this was just a threat by leadership to motivate us to produce more seniors, but I asked my Center Commander about it today, and he said it's real. Thanks for any value-added information you can provide.

SSG Rich
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im a detail out here in houston BN where the suicide rate was the highest in USAREC before the work hour policy took effect. i got here just after the policy started. if there is one thing ive learned by being out here. they will say and do anything to motivate you to make the mission. i dont forsee the policy changing due to the armys second problem after sexual assualt is suicide. the big push for us as of right now is AR and PS AR. To put seniors in we need to get away from this small unit recruiting BS and go back to legacy. The top producing High schools in my area didnt produce anything cause of it also my dep loss rate is criminal cause as a large station i have over 50 FS and one FSL thats a plt and a half....too many ppl for one person but i dont care anymore 34 days and im out! point being man just do your job to the best to your ability and if it changes adjust fire and move on. my advice enroll in school so they cant make you work past 1700
What a negative Nancy. SSG Rich the work hours policy are probably going to change but this is what USAREC have in mind..The 8 hour work policy will still be in effect but the times might change like 10-6 or 11-7 just to hit the senior market during the evening hours, weekends will not be touched unless there are events we have to attend.. This is what I got from the BC so far..SUR does work if you have a good team on board, I hate this job but it is like any other in the Army. I am pretty sure that Legacy will never be re-introduced in recruiting...USAREC needs to start getting rid of the old hardcore legacy recruiters and in with SUR NCO's, there is too much negativity coming from those guys since they can't go sham anymore...
Shriekk, we were handed a WARNO this week that left a lot of room open, but the verbal explanation was what you said: that the work week will be 50 hours, Mon-Fri 0900-1900, and that we'd be expected to work two Saturdays per month. Holdda, I don't disagree with you. Smiler With small children and a stay-at-home wife, I'm hoping that they shift the work-call time as your unit has done, but if not, so be it. My wife's a trooper. We'll drink a full canteen and move out.
Nope not being negative at all being bluntly honest.all these usarec leaders dont want to hear the truth... sur makes recruiters lazy all recruiters should know how to conduct a army interview build a packet and maintain a future soldier till they ship as soon as they are told that they have to do something outside the role they are in the et rst or fsl role they are like that anit my job ive seen that in every station ive been in. every area is different some schools dont produce shit and others historically always prodce if usarec really wants seniors they need to get the sasvab in all the public schools and take it out of all the private schools thst do it for the money and we dont get anything from it give us the assets back cause it worked.... in this day in age of technology phone calls do not work cause most of time they will save your number and mark it to send to voicemail...but hey what do I know im just a detailed recruiter whos produced 76 contracts in 3 years with 2 dep loss cause they popped hot at meps
I actually did receive the "latest and greatest" work hour policy. What everybody failed to understand is it doesn't take effect until 01 Oct 2013. Another thing it does say is "physical fitness is an individual responsibility". What's getting lost in translation are the following key points:

(1) Visit your high schools. Get into your schools. Become part of the faculty and staff. Do classroom presentations! I enlisted 4 seniors out of one classroom period! Work smarter, not harder!

(2) Pick up the phone and actually call somebody. Yeah, it works when you actually talk to them. Call the Seniors 30 minutes after they get out if school! Call the Seniors you'll see tomorrow during your school visit! Work smarter, not harder!

(3) FOLLOW UP! How can you expect to be successful if you don't follow up with Prospects and Applicants? Hit up your TNE/PNE logs. Hit up your Processing Lists. Work smarter, not harder!

(4) ACE Leads and Hot Leads. Come on, they're pretty much committed to enlisting! Call them, email them, Hot Knock them! Be relentless! Work smarter, not harder!

Look. I agree that USAREC is in danger of going back to working us long hours and keeping us away from our families. Fix that by working smarter, not harder! When you show up to work, work! Do your job. Make solid appointments, conduct the Army interview to standard, and ensure you address all their questions/comments/concerns, and most important: Talk to their influencers! Get back to the basics and WE will be successful! Stop blaming the policy and take responsibility for yourself! Update your Recruiter Remarks in RZ. Update your AAR Comments before you go home. Update School Zone. Bottom line: WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!

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