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I enlisted at the age of 18 in the Texas National Guard in the fall of 98 finished basic went on exodus made a stupid choice that ended up getting me discharged when I returned to AIT. At the time the 1SG had mentioned that since it was before my 180 days it wouldn't show on my record and after 6 months I could possibly reenlist.

I waited almost a year and talked to a recruiter was honest told the situation and was told that reenlistment was not an option that the army had "stiffened it's policy's". I let it go.

As the years have gone by i regret what happened and really want to reenlist. The summer of 2008 I called a Reserve recruiter and was told a different story. He said that depending on my RE code that I may need a moral waiver to re enlist. I went in he had my NGB22 faxed that had an re code 3. I started filling out the security packet got my college transcripts and the names and addresses of 5 friends to vouch for me.

Went back a week later the recruiter was on vacation, talked with the NCO in charge there and was again told a different story, that a waiver may not be possible. Yet again discouraged I didn't pursue reenlisting.

Last week I called and talked with the same recruiter I was working with before and was told this time that no waivers were being given and to try back around Aug. or Sept.

Now I'm confused. So I got online did some digging and found the Recruiting Battalion information for my area and wrote a letter to the BN CSM for the Dallas area explained in the letter in full detail my situation and that in the 10 years since I have gone back to school have one class left and I will have a Assoc. in Software Programming and that I have some upstanding folks in my community that will vouch for me.

I keep getting various stories on my being able to reenlist. I thought that when i filled out the security packet and all that the recruiter would call me and say " time to go to meps " but I never heard from him even when he got back from vacation.

What options do i have? Sit and wait?
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OR keep looking to find a recruiter who wants to work with you.

Right now there are many people trying to come into the Army, they're getting Awfully strict on who is allowed in.

BUT if you tell a recruiter you're interested, they should be able to work w/ you and figure out if you're eligible or not..
I got a call this morning from the Dallas Recruiting BN CSM. After speaking with him I was even more confused. He basically told me that I wouldn't be able to reenlist even with a waiver and that if I was dead set on re enlisting that it would help to get a letter of recommendation from an elected official such as a Congressman.

I went to the office of Congresswoman for my district. I spoke with her District Director and the Receptionist who happened to be a former Army National Guard Soldier. Explained my situation, they couldn't get me a letter of recommendation, but the receptionist did know a Recruiter and passed my info along to him. I was headed back home when I got a call from her stating that the recruiter suggested OCS if I had enough college credits and that OCS wouldn't require a waiver. I looked and for the Guard you need 60 credit hours I actually have 84 with one class left to take.

I also heard from another recruiter that was working on finding out some more information for me in Austin. I faxed him my NGB22 and he looked everything over and had a few other recruiters go over it and they said I was good to go and may not need a waiver. He mentioned on my NGB22 that it doesn't state why i was discharged. He also checked into my records and said he couldn't find anything. He gave me the number of another recruiter here in Fort Worth that he knows well and suggested that I contact him.

So now Im really confused

(verbatim MY NGB22)
Line 23: Authority and Reason
NGR 600-200. 8-26c Entry Level Performance and Conduct
Line 26: Reenlistment Eligibility RE-3

the date of enlistment: 98 07 24
pay grade: E-1
Date of Rank: 98 07 24
Date of Birth: ( Im 29, but not listing my DOB on the net DUH!)
Station to which Transferred: HHC 386th ENGR BN Corpus Christi Tx
Effective Date: 99 02 24
OCS cutoff age is 30. Afterward there is a 1% chance of waiver approval. If you messed up with drugs, then please stop wasting everyones time and realize it won't happen, ESPECIALLY with OCS. After all, all officers have at a minimum a secret clearance. You would be lucky just to get back in with a RE-3 Reentry code these days.

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