VIOLATING REGS- Bullying by Superiors

1) IF and i really mean IF your son telling you the truth and is being denied dinner, then there is an issue, and he should take it up with the chain of command and if they dont fix it then jag.
2) was his article 15 a company grade of field grade?
3) Alot of moms and spouses come on here not knowing the WHOLE story... you know what your son is telling you, but that might not necessarily be the truth. The army doesn't just punish people for nothing. 2 times being late doesn't seem like article 15 material. I dont want you to get me wrong here, but there is more than likely more to the story than your son is telling you.
Mom - consider the advice of the previous poster. A sleeping disorder is rough. Also, go to other websites for more educational information about the military - Army Times and another one Stars and Stripes. If your son has a medical disorder he may need to be on profile. The professional NCO's on here and maybe even the moderators may find time to tell you how that process works - I do not know. I am just saying hello and encouraging you to hang in there because this site is good for info about accessing the chain of command and other assistance. Kind regards to you and your soldier son. Please keep us posted.
Sucks that he is in that situation, but other than the not eating dinner part thats generally how punishments go on extra duty. Although my last unit it was only till 2100 hours, and those were normally soldiers that got DUI's or failed drug tests.

Also #3 from 11BIN3ID.

All he can do is just roll with the punishment and do it till it ends.

How is he being bullied?

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