Volunteer Reclass Process? Did I make an error?

I enlisted originally in 2005 for the National Guard Graduated BCT and went through AIT at ft sill. I was about to finish when I got pulled for family emergency, and my unit never scheduled me to go back to school. I was discharged in 2007 (honorably).

I re-enlisted in Oct and as I said before I arrived in October to ft gordon, since then Ive gone through and Graduated with honors in April, I was informed a little bit before my graduation that my security packet was blank and I had to re-submit a new one.

So I did, I have minor credit issues that Im handling already, but I bearly had my first interview earlier this month, and I was told that it takes months for this process to finish.

I feel as if I will be wasting money just sitting here, so I requested re-class.
I was approved due to the long wait, and longer wait still to come Im guessing.
I just signed my re-class papers to a 91 series into Aberdeen.

I havnt been given my certificte of completion yet and its been 3 months since I graduated, I was also hinted that I might not even get it, because it gets forwarded to the next duty station. Which will now be an AIT school.

What is the process I should go through to ensure an MOS-t status in APG. and possibly get my original certificate of completion.
Did I make a mistake? I dontthink I did, but please advise.

thank you,
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