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I was wondering if anyone has tried to volunteer for AGR Recruiting position? If so how did you go about doing it?

I have spent the last couple of days filling out all the PDF files that are on HRC website and getting the necessary documents signed by chain of command just to find out that everything is done online through a small portion of the documents that were in the downloads. Anyone happen to know exactly what's going on?

Also, anyone have any issues with the recommendation from the 0-4 or above in the chain of command? Reason that I ask is because I'm in a small detachment and the closest 0-4 or above would be my BN commander who is in Nashville about 8 hrs away and only sees us once a year and wouldn't be able to (in my mind) effectively write a recommendation for me.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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There are two panels that convene during March and July each year for AGR. You will more than likely receive an offer from RTR team for detailed recruiting. I just went through the process of updating my records, DA photo, getting green on medical readiness, and everything involved with the packet from HRC's website. Right now I am on the consideration list. The day I made the list I emailed the RTR team and they got some information from me to see if I meet the minimum requirements for recruiting I believe. As of right now it has been 2 working days with no word back.

Filling out the packet was relatively easy, and getting a letter or rec from and O-4 just depends on the O-4. I was in my unit about two months and the first interaction I had with my BN commander was a brief interview so he could get my letter together. More often than not an O-4 will see the value in having a full time reserve soldier regardless of the job and help you out.

As you know the process has changed and we are paving the way right now. Let me know if you have learned anything else on it as you go.

Also, make sure you contact the RTR team to express interest in AGR recruiting. I called non-stop until I finally got someone on the phone and they walked me through everything I needed to update/fix so I wouldn't get looked over during the AGR panel or for AGR recruiting job offer. If you don't already have an updated DA photo get on it.
Thanks for the response.

I did find the new application and I didn't have any problem with my BC signing the letter like I expected. It actually took about a day in order to get it back from him, which I was surprised.

I also downloaded the Recruiting packet that was linked when I uploaded my file and luckily it seems that 99% of that is from the old file so have that stuff done.

I will start calling to talk with someone to make sure my information is up to date so I don't get looked over.

Again, thanks for the information.

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