Waiting on a Consult and Waiver

I a starting the enlistment process into the Regular Army. I went to MEPS in June and was told I needed an eye consult which we already knew was gonna happen but they also told me I need a psych consult which makes no since to me. I have already done the eye consult and now I am still waiting on the Psych consult.

My questions to you are:
How the waiver process works for a astigmatism and if my civilian doctor can prove my eyes are better than are saying if i can use that to help me. My astigmatism is a 3.50 instead of 3.00. My eye prescription states that is is only a 3.00.

Also is it normal to wait almost two months for a PSYCH consult? It feels like forever. I'm ready to join and it seems like everything is trying to hold me back. We resubmitted the PSYCH consult today so hopefully we have a date next week.

Thanks in advance for your input and help.
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