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I am a 25B PFC in Korea my DEROS is in October and I was wondering what are the necessary steps I need to do to get stationed in Hawaii next? I keep hearing about a COT (Continues Overseas Tour) and email my branch manager but I don't know what to say to the branch manager if I did email him. someone please help me out.
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There's AR 614-30, Chapter 4

However, I tried a COT to Germany from Korea and the way it worked was like this: I got Company Commander's signature on a 4187 request for COT to Germany and scanned it to my Branch. Two weeks later I got an email from Branch saying "No" because they had no slots for me.

You might have better luck as there's an entire infantry division in Hawaii.
I will talk to my career counselor about getting assigned to a unit in Hawaii but I am not talking about reenlisting yet because I still have more then 4 years left in my current contract.
I will send up my 4187 to get it signed by my commander and all I can do is hope I get ft shafter in Hawaii I would prefer not to be in an Infantry Unit.
You can re-enlist and it will be concurrent to your current contract. And sometimes that is the best way to do it to get an assignment that you like.

Remember that you are an E3 and needs of the Army. Also, branch is frowning up people who remain overseas and unlike yesteryear, are having them PCS to get them CONUS so someone else can get a chance at one of those "high demand" locations.

But yes, I have known some that went from Germany to Hawaii and it was good timing due to slots being open.

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