Wanting 35L but may have issue waiting for TS...

Thank you ahead of time for your help. First I just want to start off with some basics about me then to my question.

Current MOS: 12N (balanced)
Stationed: Hawaii (First Duty Station)
BASD: 20090811
DEROS: 20130307
ETS: 20130810
PULHES: 111211
PSI STATUS: Int. Top Secret (previous secret)
GT: 115

Now, I know that most of that was probably unnecessary but I wanted to cover all my bases for possible suggestions.

What I'm seeing in ATTRS is that you need an Int Top Secret to start a packet for 35L. But my Career Counselor says there was a change and I need it to be finalized. I'm starting to second guess her. The investigator completed her investigation with me about 6 weeks ago and I'm sitting on my hands waiting for final justification. The problem I'm seeing is I'm about 2 weeks out from 15 months left til ETS. What I'm understanding from the AR is 15 months is the cut off.

I'm I reading right about the 15 months and is there a way around that?
And, do any of you think I could drop a packet still even with the Int. TS? as long as its finalized before the orders are cut?
Any other problems forseen or maybe sugestions? Thanks alot.
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I don't have an answer on the question of being able to start without the TS. The last thing I heard was that you could attend to a certain point but if you don't have a final TS by a certain point then you will keep getting recycled.

I recommend you get in touch with a CI agent to start your packet now since for me getting accepted took longer than my TS investigation. On top of that, I am waiting 14 months after acceptance for my class date and had to actually extend to meet SRR for the class.
If the clearance is what is holding you up, go to your S2, and request that they submit an Expedited Adjudication Request to CCF.
The justification would be that it is preventing you from reenlisting for reclassification and that your reenlistment window closes on XX date.
Thank you all for your very quick responses.
SGT Smitty - Can I start my packet with a CI agent? I don't need to go through the career counselor if the only way I can change mos is the BEAR program?

TransAm95NCO- Thank you for your leg work and finding that information. I wish they would put that out to the public, including their own sites.

JC351LP- Thank you very much for that very useful info. I'm actually the company security manager and submit packets. I work directly with the ISO and I told a guy there my issue and he did not suggest that as an option. Hell, I never knew you could. I'll be heading to the ISO first thing in the morning.

Btw, did anyone know about the minimum of 15 months needed to be remaining to take advantage of the BEAR program?

Originally posted by SGT Smitty:
You have to submit the packet through a 35L CI agent. The BEAR extension you do through the career counselor but the whole application process is done through a CI detachment.

Right, once you get your acceptance letter, with that, you are going to CC and he will do all the paperwork...without it, he can't do anything. That is how it works with all application MOS, it goes through their branch, and once is approved it goes through CC.

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