Wanting to be a Drill Sergeant but have no deployment. Thoughts?

Hey guys. I'm a promotable SPC in the Reserve and a recent graduate of WLC who's always wanted to become a DS down the road in my career. I understand that you can get selected as a SPC with a waiver in order to attend DS School in the Reserve. The only thing that bothers me is that I have no deployment despite countless tries for volunteering (not a high demand for 74D in Afghanistan). I was wondering what the perception of DSs without a patch on their right sleeve is in the eyes of their peers? I love the Army and would love to train and mentor new soldiers but I feel that I'm lacking a certain important edge that my peers aren't. Will that be a defining factor in the making of a good DS? Thank you guys in advance.
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As combat vets retire and ETS out of the service, there will be a new crop of drill sergeants who will not have combat experience and that is ok.

I went to basic in 1983 and there were few Vietnam era drill sergeants. Most were slick sleeves but were excellent trainers.

I do recall when the first DS school female commandant who was fired but able to return to her job and retire that faced scrutiny from other Soldiers because she was an E9 with over 30 years of service and never deployed.

I do laugh at that because when I went to MP BNCOC (now called ALC) school at FLW in 2006, our senior SGL did not have a combat patch (all the students did) and he ended up screaming at us one day, lecturing us on our combat loads and how important it is for "combat". We were in a huddle and mumbling to ourselves, "Is he serious?" and my good friend (who was an 82nd ABN combat vet whose platoon sergeant was killed when he replaced him to go on patrol, so his mind was big time affected from it), was like, "Where the f&^k is your combat patch Sparky?". The SGL already had re-entered the building and we burst out laughing.

Just be honest with your experience and train Soldiers to standard and to exceed it. Good luck.



[King's deputy, SGM Robert Maggard] said that even though only one former commandant of the drill sergeant school out of about a half dozen had been deployed to a combat zone in the past, much was made of the fact that King had not been deployed in combat. Those who serve in a combat zone are allowed to put a special patch on their uniform.

Well, when you’re training the people who are training other people to go to war, it seems to me that she should have nearly broke her legs getting to a combat assignment. I’m not a big fan of sergeant majors anyway, but one who sits out more than ten years of combat in the world is kind of suspicious. that’s one reason they need to get rid of that “staff sergeant major” bullshit. lead or get out of the way.



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