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I have recently joined the United States Army as an active duty soldier, sworn in and everything. Although I am in, when I took my physical at MEPS I was about 8 lbs. underweight, and I do have a very soon ship date. About 2 weeks. I am wondering what will happen if by my ship date I do not meet the weight requirement (I am also a hardgainer)? I would like to know what will happen to my MOS, will I have to RE-NO as I have been told?
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Your recruiter should be able to answer this for you. When I came in and I got close to going under weight, which was not hard since I had about 5 pounds before I was under I was made to eat a little extra at every meal. The Drill Sergeants would watch and of course knew who was under weight and would walk over to the table and tell use to go get more food. It is not always that "nice" to be able to do that just so happens I went to a 9 week basic then shipped out for AIT so it was not OSUT.

What is Re-No?? Your two posts in here are 1 minute apart. You will not always get an answer that fast.

Ask your recruiter or look up AR 600-9 on this site. That's the weight control Regulation.
I wish it was as easy as protein and hittin the weights. Been tryin that one for years. My recruiter has been all over the country for a while now, and I can't get a hold of him. I'm just worried im going to have to reno, because that makes my recruiter look bad (not to mention all the paperwork) and im going to have to wait more months before I can ship. Just wondering if anyone knows the procedures for fact. It's hard to find info on "underweight" regulations, it's all about overweight.

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