WELCOME ALL 91 series!!!

[quote:c87681809a="DS2000"]yes, you are correct red.


'cause at my age, one is never sure if it's memory or halzimers. %-)

pain is nature's way of telling you you're doing something stupid.
death is nature's way of telling you you're doing something REALLY stupid.
I have read the Army Officer's Guide (49th) and havnt seen that quote...

Womack at Fort Bragg will be my permanent duty station in April 2005. Any insight on decent places to live off base? I Will be working in the Emergency Department there as a 66HM5. What kind of shifts does everyone work - 3-12's, 5 - 8's, etc? Any good watering holes? What is the Uniform worn there - BDU, Whites, Scrubs? How many beds does that ED have?
91-K here
@ carlisle barracks and it sucks nothing to do here and only like 400 army here they say i got lucky hiding under the trees here like the forgotten ones no one knows we even here but getting ready to reup and hope choice of duty will be open for me to leave and bonus hopefully
Hello all 91 series! I kinda don't like the fact that we are now 68 series, but I've adjusted fire. I miss being in a TOE unit. I am at clinic right now, an as a 91S, garrison life is not that great. Most people would love it, but after spending time in 2ID, I dislike it A LOT!!! It really sucks that I am the only here, since I volunteered to deploy, but that is not an option right now. I'll be okay.

"Leave no soldier behind."

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