What are the best units/duty stations for a 25S 7D?

I'm currently an e-4 with the 4ID DSTB and thus far I'm pretty unhappy with the ratio of my gaining commo job-related experience(why I joined the army) to doing anything and everything else possible on a day-to-day basis. This has held true so far for both Rear-D and the current deployment. I'm fenced at the moment but have heard that when redployment time nears it would be possible for me to contact branch and try to get relocated after arriving back in the states. Do any other 25 Sierras have advice on which unit/station I should request? Preferably one where I could actual do my job or get training in other commo jobs at the least. I've been told that korea and germany are two good bets but I was curious if there were any other places that weren't oconus. I'm not sure if its feasible or not but I've also thought of asking branch if I could go TDY to get 7E training so I could be sent to a strategic base as well as a tactical base. Any input on this from more experienced signaleers/soldiers would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure that you need to get 7E training- I know the 25P were sent to whatever assignment regardless of identifier.

Look for a deployable unit for field experience. Plenty of them around!

Also, talk with your supervisor/1SG about moving to a different section if you aren't working on equipment much. Ask your supervisor to setup the system and get hands-on time.
You probably will not like strategic but that is coming from a tactical guy. I never done a strategic assignment but I know plenty of sierras who have. I haven't heard too many pleasant stories. Of course there are negatives in both and it depends on your preference. Anyways, Autobahn is right you probably will not need strategic training if you want a strategic assignment. I went through strategic training at the school house but I have always been assigned to tactical assignments. Are you airborne qualified? If you are you could ask to get assigned to an airborne unit. If I were you I would definitely try to get a Special Operations Forces (SOF) assignment. It depends on your assignment manager to get these types of assignments and current openings. Being airborne qualified definitely helps a lot since there is not too much sierras with a "p" identifier. It could work either way though. I have seen guys get airborne school enroute but it is not uncommon to see someone show up non-airborne qualified. You will deploy a lot but that is where you will get the majority of experience with your equipment. At least that is how it has always been with me. Most of our stuff is commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment so that is always good experience to have if you decide not to make the army a career. You will also get the opportunity to get civilian IT certifications too. Everything you learn can easily be applied to a civilian job.
Thanks for the replies/suggestions everyone! so far it seems like the main thing I need to do is contact branch and then see where I can go from there. Is there a website somewhere with a phone number or mail address I could use to contact them? I'm in Iraq right now so hopefully its a DSN #.

@Autobahn: Good to know I could do strat work without having to go back to fort gordon. I've vowed never to return there if at all possible unless its for ancoc, warrant, or 1C training.

@realistik: no I'm not airborne qualified but when I return to the states I plan on asking for the school if I can get it, especially if that will up my chance of getting attached to a SOF or SOG assignment. D o you have to go through selection/sere training to get an assignment like that or is it a different process?

@CW2 Pyro: Chief I would love to take the 1C training if I could. I was selected for it back in AIT but 4ID had priority orders for me to PCS to fort carson and deploy with them which overruled the ASI training, or so I was told at least. Is there anyway I could request to be sent TDY to receive said training or does that fall under a request for reupping?
Should be able to contact branch and try and work a school slot for the 1C course. Also if you are still at Carson, make the drive up here to Peterson and try and meet with CSM Campbell. He is the BN CSM and has a great deal of pull in reference to the 1C course (since they all end up coming here to the BN anyway). Not say he can get you in, but definately can't hurt.
Ok so I checked the signal branch website and I'm now filled with a sense of ominous dread which I'm fervently hoping somebody will be able to dispel.

These two statements: "Soldiers usually will not be considered for assignment before they reach 24-36 months time on station." "FORSCOM Assignment 36-48 Months" have pretty much shattered my hopes and dreams if I'm interpreting them correctly.

I've heard its hard to get reassigned once 4ID has a hold of you and from what I can tell 4ID is a part of FORSCOM; at least according to my IA/G-6 certifications. Does this mean that branch will either shoot down or ignore any request for reassignment or additional training until that time period has elapsed? Or am I just being an army newb and getting worked up about nothing?
I've been with 4ID for a year now Chief, should be about a year and a half by the time I'm back stateside.
So with that in mind I'm guessing that my options are pretty much going to have to be either riding out almost my whole initial enlistment of 4 years before I can have a chance of getting reassigned or re-upping and asking for training/reassignment?
Ya you are pretty well stuck at Carson (but trust me, there are a lot worse places to be stuck). You may look at trying to move to a different BCT when you get back. Worse comes to worse, once you have about 2.5 years on station start talking to HRC and see if you can work an assignment. Or like I said, put in a 4187 and try and get 1C training. Most likely won't end up back in the Springs (I only 23 slots for 1Cs in the Springs and because of our mission we try not to take someone fresh out of the school house) but you would end up in one of 5 places, all of them pretty damn nice.
@realistik: alright good to know that selection/sere aren't prerequisites for all SOF assignments. Which units/SMUs do you have experience with?
I did some research and from what I could find it seems like the JCSE and the 112th SOG would both be awesome units to work with. Very little info on how to get assigned or apply for entry though.
Also I saw that there was a reup option for 25s(p) with a unit called SOFCOM. Any idea what that would entail or is that a question for the retention counsellor?

@CW2Pyro: Roger that Chief. When I checked the HRC website and saw the timelines I guessed that I probably wasn't going anywhere fast. Ft carson is a great place but I just really want to learn more about my job and get experience with whatever equipment/technology I can.
Would it better for me to talk to branch about the possibility of 1c training/do a 4187 or put in a JPAS and apply for an interim TS first?

@nomar: From what I was told in AIT, which might have changed by now since its been awhile, the CONUS posts are Camp Robert CA (which was supposedly moving to Hawaii at some point), FT Meade and Ft Detrick Maryland, and Fort Peterson AFB in CO.
The OCONUS posts are Okinawa Japan, and Lanstuhl Germany. Possibly wherever in Hawaii camp roberts was relocating to also.
The biggest issue with applying for the special missions units are that they want you to be an E5 or above. Some other units that haven't been discussed are WHCA and JCU, I know WHCA will take E4s it just really depends how your packet looks. If you have everything that they are looking for they will try everything to get.
The 1c course would be a good consideration and would get you plenty of training and hands on opportunities. I would follow CW2 Wars recommendation and talk to CSM Campbell. The 1c world is still hurting for bodies and he would have some pull with getting a class date.

The current locations for 53rd Sig BN are:
FT Meade, MD
FT Detrick, MD
Okinawa, Japan
Landstuhl, Germany
Peterson AFB, CO
Ill tell you Im a 25S7E and I went to Jump school straight out of AIT and got sent to 82nd. Not much better here, so having the 7E ASI doesnt promise a better situation haha. At least you got that oh so in depth 2 week training on the JNN! I got to my unit and they said "so you know the STT right?" Im like ummm, whereare the big white dishes...

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