what are you allowed to have at base or at camp stationed in other countrys

can you bring a laptop or a gameing system like an xbox 360 to any fort or camp how much are you allowed to bring also if not that what about a gameboy or a psp or some mp3 player or books, tell me what the restrictions are if there are any
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Morning, I am a little confused as to what location you are referring too in your question. Do you mean when you report to basic, at your duty station (possibly in germany/ korea) once you finish AIT, or when deployed?

To answer you:

Basic- Don’t bring it. If you do you MUST have it locked up in a “secured” room at your company. This includes pretty much any form of entertainment. PSP, MP3, books and magazines.

Duty station- I will assume your single. In this case you will be assigned a barracks room and very likely a roommate. Here the only limit you have is your wallet and the amount of plugs in the wall.

Deployed- Packing light means a lot here, you don’t have much extra room in your duffels once your gear is packed so a PSP is about a much as you can get. (and you will need it) Once you arrive at your semi-permanent living location you can usually go to the AAFES PX (military wal-mart) which are every where, and buy a 360, games, cd’s all sorts of stuff.

The PX’s will also be at your duty locations and will have every thing to buy just like at wal-mart too.

ArmySarge72 basically summed it up really well. The only thing I would add is don't take ANYTHING other than a basic hygiene kit and change of clothes to basic training. Your recruiter will give you a list of items to bring and when you get to Sand Hill (Infantry land) they will lock it all up for 17 weeks and take you to the military clothing store and personally fill a basket for you. You will then buy the contents of that basket and use only those items. But trust your Drill Sgt's. they have done this before!

Good Luck!
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it's Sergeant (soon to be Drill Sergeant)not sir, I actualy work for a living.

LOL Oh man, I thought that was the funniest line when I went through BCT. Hearing all the other pvt's callin' our DS's "sir", then watchin' em get their freak on with the pavement while the DS barked at em with that line. Good times! Big Grin
Big Grin
Hey hey hey, some of us officers work for a living too. Some lol...

I knew a lot of kids when i was in ROTC get dropped by the professor's assistant ( a Master Sergeant). He used to make them do one handed pushups while writing master sergeant Gibbs until HE got tired.

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