What can be done about this substandard E-5?

We have an E-5 in our unit who is a complete shammer. Here is just some of his exploits over the last 18 months:

1. While deployed to Iraq, he was was sent to an outpost to operate commo gear. Within 2 weeks he was kicked off the outpost by that unit's 1st Sgt. for being "lazy" and not knowing his job. Our unit put him to work in ops on the day shift.

2. After a short time in ops on the day shift, he was moved to the night shift because his skills "were not needed during the day" (whatever that means).

3. There were a series of PT tests down range (3 diags and 1 record). He failed the run event on all 3 diags miserably with scores no higher than a 193. His record PT test had to be rescheduled several times because he conveniently produced a profile for some injury that no one ever witnessed. Finally, he was cornered and had to take the record PT test. He failed twice with 190 pts or less. Then, 2 weeks after the last failed record, he was given another record and somehow pulled off a stunning 233. I can only speculate how this happened. No chapter paperwork was ever initiated after the he failed the 2nd record pt test.

4. One of his soldiers has received no less than 3 article 15's and is currently being chaptered for failing 2 record pt tests.

5. Another of his soldiers (female) faced a field grade article 15 for having sexual relations with a married E-6 from another unit while deployed.

6. He has a good soldier who is an E-4 in his primary zone for promotion. He has never worked with him to prepare him for the board.

7. Just recently, while in garrison, he was in charge of the company money used to pay for company events like barbecues etc. That money turned up missing. He was 1 of 3 people who had access to that money. The week prior to the theft, he complained about how he lost $300 at the casino. Interesting.

8. We have had 2 record PT tests and several diags since returning to garrison last October. He has not taken any of them.

9. In January of this year, he was at a bar and (as the story goes), his brother got into a fight. He claims that he intervened in order to stop the fight and was stabbed in the back (a superficial flesh wound). He admits to drinking that night which makes the event an alcohol related event. He was never command referred to ASAP for at least an evaluation.

10. He has proven on FTX's and during deployment that he does not have knowledge of his MOS. He cannot operate his equipment at the operator level (10 level) even though he is a 20 level by virtue of his rank.

11. During a Battalion march about 3 weeks ago, the formation was given a series of marching commands such as "column right, column left" etc. He jacked up most of them by turning the wrong way or by being out of step. Privates and E-4's were openly making fun of him.

If the unit's chain of command has failed to do anything about this substandard E-5, what else can be done? Can IG get involved if any of his soldiers wish to go that route?

Any constructive suggestions would be appreciated.
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1. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER
2. This does not look like a problem
3. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER
4. Separate the applicable soldier
5. Punish that soldier under UCMJ
6. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER
7. File a report with the MPs
8. Insufficient information
9. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER; recommend ASAP
10. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER; remedial training
11. Bar to reenlist; accurate NCOER; remedial training; counsel the soldiers that were making fun of him.
Who are you to the soldier? I assume he is a team leader so where is the SL and PSG in this case?

Is this all documented on his quarterly counselings? And would you know that?

No, IG cannot get involved because IG's function is to deal with issues that might be in direct violation of regulation. You going to light up your Commander based on your opinions posted? I say opinions because I do not know the NCO nor know if the scenarios you present are fact.

You write that he needs to mold and mentor an E-4. Is anybody mentoring him?
There is no way you could possibly know the nco therefore, you can either assume them as fact or not. That's up to you. However, these instances indeed occurred. Since he is a SL, it would have been up to the PS to do something. The ship has sailed on that issue since the PS PCS'd and so did the 1st Sgt.

Between me and a friend of mine, we have taken over the mentoring of this E-4 and getting him ready for the board.

I guess there is nothing that can be done about this clown. Its really sad because Ive seen good soldiers get article 15's for the dumbest reasons and lose rank/money. All the while, this guy keeps his rank and continues to disgrace the NCO Corps.

Thanks for the input everyone.
I know that there is probably a lot more to this story that we are not getting but I guarantee this individual works for someone. That someone needs to quit passing the buck and get this guy straight via some counseling, mentoring, and Leading instead of moving him around.

If this guy is getting away with as much as you say, then his Leadership is failing as well and not holding him accountable, which makes me wonder what his Leadership is getting away with. Somewhere along the way somebody higher than him is also failing.

Peer pressure is a bitch, and if other Soldiers and Leaders are paying the price for this knucklehead and nobody is doing anything about it then it sounds to me like some good old fashion peer pressure needs to happen to open this guys eyes.

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