What can do to better my chances?

I was in basic training but was discharged under chapter 11 els. I was discharged because of some other PVT causing me slight PTSD, which was enough to have me discharged. The first way I was going to be discharged was under 5-17 but after working with my drill sergeants they managed to help me get a change back to chapter 11 so like that I'd be able to reenlist after 6 months. Unfortunately though most of my paperwork remained the same. I've already spoken to my recruiter to see how hard it will be to get back in and sadly though he says my situation looks pretty bleak. Thankfully I have some pretty good recruiters that will do anything to help me but I want to know what else I could do to better improve my chances at getting back in.
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Darkknigt88, do you know what PTSD is?

So like, did you have a previous life event that was traumatic and this other PVT was bugging you about it? IE your mom died and you saw it and the kid was like, "You killed your mom!" and you freaked out?

If not your an idiot, sorry, good luck getting back in, best of luck.
Better your chances? You need to prove that the condition no longer exists. You will have to go see a counselor/psychiatrist and have them diagnosis you stating that it no longer exists and you can fully handle the rigors of the Army in a letter.

Good luck to you. By the way, just some advice you are probably a waiver and saying you will go reserves will expedite the whole process. You will probably be approved with zero headaches. The Army needs reserve soldiers. But if active is what you want. Good Luck.

First, I am sorry for your unfortunate experiences. It will be difficult for you to enlist again if you were discharged from BCT. Like police departments tell candidates with mildly questionable backgrounds, you need to put some time between the incident and applying again. Getting into the Reserves will be no easier than active duty. You still have to go through the same BCT and AIT.

Good luck!
Being discharged from BCT is hard to get back into. Yes you will need to go to BCT and AIT regardless if you go Reserves or Active, BUT in my expierence as a recruiter I have seen waivers go up for active and reserves. The Army Reserve Mission is hurting and what might not fly on active duty will fly in the reserves. Just expierence talking.
Your waiver will stand the same chance, whether you go Active or Reserve. Why? This is a medical issue, since it deals with PTSD. The medical doctors who look over your medical files CARE LESS about what component you are going to, if they even look at all. Also, being an Accessions Career Counselor who deals with waivers on a DAILY basis, PTSD cases RARELY get approved.

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