What do I do for the Best for both Army and myself?

Going to BCT in one week, as a Specialist because I have BA.

I also have Civilian Full-Time job with benefits.
Army is not my first choice for work so, is there the way to return home from BCT?


Can they put me in Officer Training there?
What does an Officer do? Depending on their MOS?
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Well are you even qualified to be an offifier? US Citizen, not older than 30 (waivers for it have about a 1% success rate), good credit, next to no legal issues, and able to pass a physical training test, not colorblind, etc. The list is far more stringent than enlisted.
Originally posted by SPL-Kalargyi:
so I meet all the requirements, do i go straight OCS instead of BCT?

by the way, Do I also get to choose which station I want to be at? or they will send me around the world?

You still do BCT then go straight to OCS.

You will get SOME choice, but the Army always tells ALL of us where to go. Wink
Originally posted by SPL-Kalargyi:
Do I get anything else beside Basic Pay while I am at BCT , or AIT?

You should see a food allowance and most of it being taken back out for meal deduction since you will be eating at the DFAC (cafeteria)...if you are married, BAH (housing allowance) for your dependents, you also get free personal trainers, free counselors, free uniforms, free training, etc...

Talk to your Recruiter. Posting questions like the ones you have is what this message board is for, but there is a reason you are going in Enlisted into the Regular Army, and you should have discussed that with him prior to now. You made the decision to join enlisted. You will have the opportunity to go to OCS, but it may not be right after you graduate from BCT unless your contract is written for that.

Good luck,
Originally posted by Corvette1140:
Ok. Last I heard, to go OCS you can not be older than 35. Corvette, where are you getting your info about being 30?

Well considering that we had to do an age waiver for a candidate who was 30, what does that tell you.

Straight from HRC's OCS website:

5. Waivers. All waivers must be submitted on a DA Form 4187 signed by soldier and immediate CO. Multiple waiver requests may be consolidated on one DA Form 4187.

a. AGE – Age waiver if soldier will be 38 years old but has not reached their 40th birthday at time of application submission.

You can get all info here:
I don't have a regulation to site, but I personally sat down with the BTN CDR and the candidate for an interview about approve/disapproving an age waiver.I am in recruiting and I am not mistaken. This was about 6 months ago. So unless a very recent policy change, I am saying what I had to do to attempt to get a soldier in.

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