What do you really do at the Sergeant's Major Academy?

I have been wondering the same question for 3 years... Only because I knew a guy that pissed hot for cocaine while he was there. Busted back to E-8 and forced retired. I heard this as I was waiting to go to the E-6 board, greatest news ever.

Thanks for all the guidance and our, how did you put it to the CSM that day "Obtuse" relationship 1SG!!!!

Kids don't do drugs.
As a former student at USASMA, I will tell you that the course is considerably different than WLC, BNCOC, and ANCOC. To answer your quesiton, we do pull staff duty, usually twice during a 9-month course, which consist of locking up around a couple hundered doors (which is painful!) and answering phones.

The schools is much like attending a university. This is a typical day:
0600-0700 PT on your own
0700-0900 Per Hyg/Brkfst
0900-1200 Classroom time
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1600 Classroom time

On Fridays, we are usually in the auditorium from 0850 until 1700, attending various briefings from various commands.

It sounds like to me that all you do when you go to the SGMs Academy is sit around in a vacuum all day like Commissioned Officers and think of crazy stuff to do, like renaming the place. I mean no disrespect, but it seems like a waste of government funds to me. There's no way to teach you how to be a CSM or SGM. That comes from experience. To me the SGMs Academy seems useless. It makes me feel as if the Army is taking its NCOs as a joke. As if we're not the entities that grow and lead our Army. I don't like feeling as if my time is being wasted. By the time I make it to that level I seriously hope that they revamp that school to make it fitting for a Senior NCO and not just a bunch of briefings that youwould probably fall asleep in.

Just my 2 cents...

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