What happens if my units deploys and I do not have enough term to do it.

What I heard was


my unit might go to ... as deployment.

Since my ETS date is ...

I will have only 6 months to ETS.

but, it will be about 9 months deployment.

1. If they eventually get deployed to ..., do I still need to follow them even if I will be doing ACAPing?

2. Isn't there way to request early separation if they go to ...?

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They can:

a. Ask you to do a DEIP extension where you can extend your ETS date to allow for the deployment and (i think) 90 days after redeployment (you get paid extra for each month you extend.

b. Leave you behind on Rear-D and let you ETS.

c. Adjust your ETS date to either before or right about deployment time so they can get someone else to replace you that will/can deploy.

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