What is 25V like and is it hard to get a job doing this after the army?

I am a college graduate, have scored extremely high on the ASVAB and want to go into the Army as 25V, a combat camera person. I am 23 years old and have been struggling to make it doing the freelance jobs I have been getting.

I want to do something that will better me as a person and will give me a career when I get out. Is the army helpful in finding work for you after you get out?

What is this job like? Was it a good experience doing it?

My recruiter is a very nice man, and I like him. He's been very honest with me about what's happening with my application and answers my questions as best as possible. But I can't find someone who has done this job before. I want to talk to someone who has done it really bad.

Any advice? I'm still not 100 percent sure that I want to enlist and I would really to talk to as many people as possible about it.
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I'm in the communications/networking field, I don't know much about that MOS.

If you serve, before your time is up you can go to Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) which helps you with classes on how to build a resume, different jobs or colleges available, etc...

You can get some very good college money from the Army- the current Montgomery GI bill can even be divided up and give some/all to your spouse or children. AND you can get up to $4250/year while you're serving to take college classes- I had an Associates' when I came in and it took me 5years to finish my bachelor's, doing online or night classes.

The Army WON'T place you in a job or make you any more motivated than you already are.

Judging from what I've read on a car forum concerning photographers, the market it tough anyway- people buy a nice camera and think they're a "professional".
(But one of them there, in Germany, is quite talented and is getting some good work. I can send you a link to some of his stuff if you PM me.)

Remember though that if you sign up, you are a SOLDIER FIRST- you will carry a weapon and be expected to do whatever the Army asks of you. (Go watch "We Were Soldiers" and pay attention to the CIVILIAN photographer...)

The Army doesn't hire janitors, oilchange guys, or groundskeepers, so Soldiers of all MOS get to do that too..

I enlisted in 2000 when there were NO wars going on (except for a few US troops in Bosnia and Kosovo), I planned to serve 5 years and get out. Life throws curveballs, now I plan on doing at least 8 more years, and am sitting in Afghanistan for the second time right now-

I've never had to shoot my rifle at anyone, but I've dropped to the ground when bad guys shoot rockets or mortars at us here and in Iraq.

The Army will allow you lots of free travel Smiler , introduce you to lots of new people, and give you quite a few options. At the same time you will have to ask permission and keep your leaders informed of where you are anytime you go out of town, can never just "call in sick" (you go to "sick call"), and must do what the Army tells you.

Free "work clothes" and (sometimes crappy!) food, waking up waaaaay too early, I could keep going on and on. Some people like it, some don't. I can't complain terribly about my last 11years in.
I am in the battalion as combat camera and I can not tell you exactly what they do but the pretty constant is travel. Usually they are individual augmentees and get assigned to a unit that request photographic support.

Just google 55th Combat Camera and you will find some more information.

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