What is everyone's MOS?

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Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder Nutrition Care NCO from Ft. Campbell. Nothing else to do around here in a Combat Support Hospital when not deployed... So I went to some schools. LOL

Airborne All The Way

Damn Sergeant, you are one trained Nutritionist. Ever think of reclassing 11b and going Ranger or something?

11bangbang here, no other way but grunt.

Follow me.
Rec. Ham,

Yeah I am trying to get out of my current MOS now. But currently my in/out calls will not let me out of my MOS. I want to go 19D actually, but if I can't 11B is my second choice. And as for Ranger, I have been also trying to go, because once Ranger qualified, your PMOS changes to 11b. But here at campbell, the pre-ranger is not taking Medical MOS's. So I am on orders to Ft. Stewart for December, to the MEDDAC there. GAY!!! But I plan on dropping a Ranger packet as soon as I get there. All that training is going to waste you are right. It's gonna be all for show in the MEDDAC and I don't even where them!!!! LOL
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Wow, this is an old thread! Still an "evergreen" topic, so I'll share:

46Q20 Print Journalist; it's all I ever wanted to do in the Army, went on DEP to get it.

I am currently a 46Q Public Affairs Specialist, but I will be re-enlisting to re-class to a 25B Information Technology Specialist.
I'm a 92F and i'm a combat aviation brigade..i'm doing hot refueling on chinooks, blackhawk,kiowas, and apaches...i have 92W in my section and i have them trsined on aircraft refueling..they have no mission until they get down range or iraq....

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