AR 600-8-22

para 8-31

d. The eligibility requirements for drivers requires that a Soldier must—
(1) Qualify for and possess a current OF 346 (U.S. Government Motor Vehicles Operator’s Identification Card),
issued as prescribed by AR 600–55 and,
(2) Be assigned duties and responsibilities as a driver or assistant driver of government vehicles for a minimum of
12 consecutive months, or during at least 8,000 miles with no government motor vehicle accident or traffic violation
recorded on his or her DA Form 348–1–R (Equipment Operator’s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)), or
(3) Perform satisfactorily for a minimum period of 1 year as an active qualified driver instructor or motor vehicle
driver examiner.
I was in an accident that was deemed no way possible my fault (I was parked) on December 12th of 2008.

My CIVILIAN truckmaster is saying that I would have to wait one year for "safe driving" to RESET bringing me to December 12th 2009, and actually be elligable to be awarded the drivers badge December 12th of 2010 (of course as long as I am still accident free).

Is this MO FO full of $hit?

Even if that is the case I was accident free in my military career other than the one blip on the radar. Can I get a retroactive award for previous safety that I never took advantage of because I was in a different MOS then and once I finish reclassing I will need every promotion point I can gain.

Forum please help me stop this guy from screwing me and at least 2 other troops and God knows how many more if I can not show good examples.

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