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Good Morning, this is my first time in this forum. I am still new as an NCO and I have this soldier that I gave him in his last counseling a plan of action to complete skill port online courses as part of his career progression. I told him to do it after work at the office because he does not have a laptop in his house but lately I have not seen any action on his part and I know by the time the next May counseling comes he will come with an excuse, he likes to gives a lot excuses in general and he is starting to get on my nerves. He has been under different NCO's and I got him since last November but in my opinion I think he is very lazy. Please, I need an advise to handle this. Thanks.

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I wouldn't recommend corrective training. I would just let it reflect on the next counseling. If he comes up for promotion, just show these counselings to 1SG and then the commander can circle "no" so he will not move up and then the soldier may realize that if he wants to progress he should listen to your guidance.
I agree with Smitty. There is no basis for corrective action.

First, if you notice that he isn't doing it, sit down with him before the end of the month counseling and talk to him. Is the soldier single? Does he have chow to get to at the end of the day?

Why don't you give him the last 30-45 minutes of the work day to work on the courses?

Next month, annotate it under the previous month's assessment area. In May's counseling, note his lack of progress and list the reasons he gives you for not staying.

You also said that you gave these goals to the soldier. I don't think that is wrong, by any means but what are the soldier's goals?
When I was in our 1SG wanted us to have our soldiers do similar stuff every month. But if they did not she wanted corrective training done on them usually in the form of a essay of some kind. One of my soldiers got fed up with it and went to IG and was told that you are not allowed for force soldiers to online courses or Correspondence Courses that they only have to voluntary do them. Needless to say my 1sg wasn't happy.
The guy is married. Attempting to conduct corrective action for something that isn't considered "mandatory" is wrong. I bet if you gave him the last 30-45 minutes of work to get on the online classes he would do it. It's been said many times before, and I will say it again. Soldiers don't join the army to do bad things. If you are having issues with a soldier, sometimes it starts with the leader looking at the things HE/SHE is doing.

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