What really grinds my gears...ALC

[rant]Right now I am going through my ALC common core courses and I am noticing many spelling, grammar and other mistakes that don't detract from the learning experience, but they are definitely noticeable and it annoys me to have to read through them. The army is a professional organization, right? I don't think it is too much to expect someone to proofread and edit these courses. All these errors sort of take away from the legitimacy of the material. I know we are not all English majors, but come on, someone out there is smart enough to be able to put sentences together correctly.

Another thing about the courses is that the theme should be more consistent between each course. Bullets seem to appear in a new manner with every single course. A gunshot rang out for only one bullet and it nearly scared the hell out of me becuase it was so unexpected.

One more thing...one of the lessons was on the army writing style. All of the lessons, with the exception of that one, seem to defy what was learned about in that class. Has anyone else been as frustrated as I am or should I just drink a beer, chill out and drive on?[/rant]
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The worst part about all of it is that some company got a HUGE amount of money to produce these for the Army.

In an age of doing more with less, to have such blatant lack of effort and care is a slap in our collective face.

Come on Army...


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