what's happens to me now?

I came on orders to go to ALC and unfortunately I failed the same exam twice, so I got dropped form the school, it was failure to meet the course standad's. My unit say they going to Bar me from renlisting and flag me
Depending on the commander he might start my separation packet. Confused some can an admisistrave dropout of ALC. Get you Separated from service?
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Sorry to hear about your outcome at ALC. I know for months you were writing about the government credit card and other concerns to go there.

Well, I know a Sergeant who failed ALC last year and he is still in the Army. The SGM at the school house told him that he recommends that he comes back ASAP. He failed ALC based on tests as well. Now he has to worry about RCP since and he does not have a P status.

You need to research the regs to see if they apply to your situation. I have been "threatened" in the past due to not completing a school/course. Just understand that command gets the funding for you to go to school and when you do not pass, they did not get their return of investment.

Read the reg below and find out for yourself it it applies to your situation.

what is this so called exam that you failed twice?

please do not say it is the APFT.
if it is, please do not fight it, and let the serpation happen.

yes, that is a dick thing to say, but as an NCO, you should not be failing the APFT, let alone twice. and to ask a forum if it is possible for a CDR to seperate you for failed APFT tells me you are not ready to be an NCO.

farewell, good luck, this is the end of your military career.

the only advice i can really give here is to pass the APFT asap. hell, i would be taking an APFT every day if i was in your situation.

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