What's this personality test thing?

A friend has been really getting the run around trying to enlist. He's 21, healthy, and at first, they stopped because they wanted him to test his GED into a diploma. So he did. Then a completely random E7 stopped his group in passing because one had an earring and one had the sniffles, and made them call their recruiter. Their whole day was wasted, and they had to wait the 24 hours all over again.

Finally, he got past that and had to take a personality test. What's that all about? My spouse never took that...granted, it's been 24 years, but really? He said they told him he failed it and can't take it again for another year.

Is that really his only option? I feel that in light of the poor way things have been handled prior to this point, I'm not entirely sure I trust what they are telling him anymore. He's jumped through every hoop they've held up without complaining, even when they were screwing up. There were several times when I have known a recruiter to have walked a recruit through the process when it got that ridiculous, but they just let him deal with it. And now they are just going to abandon him?

Why do I care? This is one of my kids' friends. He's a good kid with parents that don't really care to see him do anything with his life. I'd like to see him get away from that before it's too late, and the military seems like a good match for him.
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It tests the individuals sub-conscience to see if they're honest.

It will ask the same question three different ways, with 12 different answers, and you're expected to answer the same question with the same answer each time.

I only know 2 people who have failed that test.

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