What's your favorite BEER?

Polygamy Porter.

"Starting a brewery in teetotaling Utah sounds about as smart as trying to sell pig's feet to a kosher deli." But this one hits the spot. Also like Amber Bock. I lke Guinness but bad aftertaste. No liky the Corona. Dark Beer Good. Budweiser cheap. Depends on my mood, and the selection. Oh... and how much money I have!
Originally posted by /elsinore98:
I like Corona, with a slice of lime. Big Grin

YES ANOTHER CORONA FAN! You ever try a Desperado? It's a pretty decent tequilla beer. I have not seen it anywhere in the states though.

I guess I'll have to go to tequilla, mexico cause they'd be sure to have it.
I you can find it, I highly recommend Flying Dog Pale Ale. If you're in Germany, try Andechser Spezial Hell. Hell means "light" as in color not calorie content. They pack a whollop, 11% alcohol and about 300 calories per bottle. But damn they're good, my absolute favorite beer.
Top Three:
1. BECKS-light non-filling, taste like a corona and Hieneken mix. $6.75 for a sixxer tho.

2. Amstel/ Amstel Light- It's a French/Belgian beer *ducks*...superior smoothness, has the most discreet beer taste I've ever had...almost tastes like milk....a drunk cows' milk tho......moving on. $3.25 a pop.

3. Asahi- if u get stationed in Japan you'll get real familiar with this brand. Unlike Amstel this beer is ultra flavorful and usually comes in big bottles for about 225 yen a bottle.

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