What's your favorite BEER?

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I like Corona, with a slice of lime. Big Grin

YES ANOTHER CORONA FAN! You ever try a Desperado? It's a pretty decent tequilla beer. I have not seen it anywhere in the states though.

I guess I'll have to go to tequilla, mexico cause they'd be sure to have it.

i guess you've never been to South East Texas. you can find Desperado in Houston at least.
While I was stationed at FT Carson my neighbor had me try Ojo Malo/Evil Eye. It is some cheap nasty Mexican beer that is 10% alcohol. If you want to hurt yourself or maybe go blind a 40 will do it. I didn't mind it a bit when the officer in my section left cases of Kilean's Red in the refrigerator. Most officers would pull all-nighters with coffee, but not this one. When I buy it myself I like Amstel Light.
My favorite will ALWAYS be Guinness but if thats not available(or funds) the list goes as..
1. Guinness
2. Harp
3. Bud
4. Some kind of cheap wine(I know its not beer but it does the trick)
5. If all else fails and very low on money....then it's Olde English time..or Mickeys
6. Or if I visit someone, the beer in their fridge, lol
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In Europe they have started to make 1.5 - 2L beer bottles. They looked like coke bottles...those are for some fast drinkersWink

Jenny, are you telling me I can buy Guinness in a 2L bottle?! Can I order this over the internet to get to the states? If this is true, life has just got better!
I actually do not really like beer but if I drink Corona. I am of the opinion that this specific brand tastes not so bitter. I absolutely do not like Guinness. Actually Budweiser is okay but I am not a fan of this beer. Nevertheless if I drink beer I would always prefer Corona.

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