When to go to Ranger School?

My son is currently in Basic for 11B, and is going to airborne school immediately afterward. He is trying to decide wether to attempt Ranger School after airborne, or should he wait a while in his MOS to gain experience before going to Ranger School?
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Does he have R.I.P in his contract? You can't just go to that school when you feel like it.

For starters the training he would go through wouldn't be Ranger School, but R.I.P (Ranger indoctrination Program)

At R.I.P they kick your ass and see who is fit to even be assigned to a Ranger Battalion. After being in a Ranger bat for few years they will send you to Ranger School
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so please stop it with the outdated info

Oh, seven0821, please, school us with your young Ranger wisdom.

Is it not true that after OSUT and Airborne, won't the young trooper have to try out for Ranger batt (call it RIP or RASP1) if he so chooses, and then he will gain experience in 11B prior to going to Ranger School?

Is it also not true that the young trooper can elect NOT to try out for Ranger Bat, go to a "line" unit and then apply for Ranger School. Either way, the young trooper will have to wait a few months, at least, prior to going to Ranger School.

Please, educate us with your young, Ranger wisdom.

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1st it is called RASP now not RIP and has been this way for some time, the reason this is important is not because of the name but RASP is much longer and is a lot better process than RIP, the guys learn so much more now then just being a smoke session.

2nd if you are Honor Grad of your RASP 1 class you will get a Ranger school slot immediately

3rd this guy says you will have to be in Regiment a few yrs before you get a Ranger school slot, try more like a 1yr to 18 months. A ton of PFCs go to Ranger school from Regiment.

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The old RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) was replaced by the RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) in January of 2010. Soldiers wishing to serve in a ranger battalion must go through this selection process. While the two programs may be similar in purpose, they differ in the length of time. RIP is four weeks while RASP is twice that long. RASP 1 is for lower enlisted men while RASP 2 are for higher enlisted men and officers. Training is difficult and the extended time frame give instructors more evaluation time for those who want to become Army Rangers. RASP graduates are also awarded the black and red Ranger scroll. Top graduates of the program go directly to Ranger School prior to being assigned to Ranger Battalion. Aside from preparing Rangers for leadership position when they arrive at Battalion, it also sharpens their skills and instinct necessary to kick-ass!
hello folks just a helpfull thought that may clarify the position on ranger or not to ranger just about all troops that recieve basic infantry training at ft benning ga sand hilton or the now soon to be remodeled harmony church will notice rangers everywhere they turn this is because they are scouting out troops to become ranger qualified as for getting the red and black 75th ranger scroll that is only true if you are plucked from basic training or airborne school and then make it through the 2 phases of ranger selection but going to rip/rasp and completing the new 10week course if you include zero week you will recieve the black and gold ranger tab.Now on one hand as many airborne troops have noticed there are rangers constantly on the prowel just as there are special forces recruiters around they watch each class closely because 1 out of every 25 troopers will be aproached by one of the special ops members and possibly granted orders to continue training at ft benning or flown to jfksfas at ft bragg
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I've herd that you can instantly reclass to 11B if you have a ranger tab. Is that true?

I graduated Ranger School as a support MOS. S1 filed paperwork for my Secondary MOS as 11B. It was approved. I deployed, twice, as an 11B, ounce in a V slot and the second time I got the 11B slot because I was V.

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