Where are the Victors at?

Mr. Lopez!

How has it been.

This is Ivan Garza, finished class in 2007.

I am not a RPSGT, and just finished all the coursework via TESC that was required. What or who do I need to contact in order to be able to sit for the CRT. I am aware that there had been some changes to the program, but from what SFC Duhon had told me (I worked with him at Seton Hospital as I was running the sleep lab there) the old rules and consortium agreement still stood for my situation. I emailed Mr. Abrahms but it was returned as non-deliverable. Could you point me in the direction I need to be in to finally finish? I also just finished my AS in Biology, and intend to keep going until I can get into med school. The CRT and RRT are going to be crucial during med school application to put me ahead as a non traditional applicant.
Please email me at ivan.garza85@gmail.com

Ivan Garza

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