Where may I find the TPU Promotion List?

I am able to see the AC/AGR Junior and Senior Promotions Cut off and By-Name Promotion list for Feb 2013 in the HRC website. Does anyone know where to direct me so I can access the TPU Promotions List? Thanks in advance.
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Try this.

1. Type "81st rsc" into the AKO search box.
2. Look for the link "81st RSC Headquarters Directorates"
3. Click on the "Directorate of Human Resources" folder
4. Click on the "RPSC" folder
5. Click on the "Enlisted Branch" folder
6. Click on "Junior Promotions"
7. From there, you can select a Fiscal Year and then a particular month.

There will be PDF files for each month.

They have NOT updated the results for the February 2013 board yet, but now you know where to look if you are waiting for results. They are typically slow to update the folders, it seems. My Section Sgt told me last Friday that I made the list. Best of luck to you!

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