Whining about the process....

To my defense, my age may be become a factor.
I just turned 45 in September.
I've talked to an active duty recruiter and AZ guard recruiter and all i'm getting is the proverbial run around.

Like I said, I'm 45 15 years prior service (Air NG), been out since 2000
Avionics Systems AA degree
Currently a BSCS'd Software Engineer for General Dynamics AIS.
Don't need the job (254A) but Warrant is the way I would like to continue my career.

Very frustrating process, especially the USAREC site, many links to info do not work, pureEdge is a farce Blah Blah Blah

I guess this is part of the weeding out process but I'll continue playing.....

Any help, or words of wisdom/encouragement would be appreciated.
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