Why did I get put on CLI? (Can someone elaborate)

So a little background, Im Currently serving in a balance MOS. As me being 11B10 I have a particular work history but none the less I’m a SPC with about 4 years TIS and just re-up’d for reclass.

I have my PSG advising me to get ready for the board before summer block leave, which I have been doing here an there. As soon as I back my Section Sergeant has informed that they and our 1SG has approve me to be put on CLI. From what he said that would be awarded 39 points, That is also what I have read on HRC.mil and via Google search.

My ERB is reflecting only 39 Points and date of 201406 in the "Promotion Points/YRMO” box. Yet My PPW is reflecting 413 points as of today.

My question is do I have only "39 points" now or is that a default code for be listed in CLI and 39 will be added to me 413 points via PPW?

Is this a forceable way to send me to the board to add points even though I am willing go anyways. Keep in mind I have a 39/40 Qual and 268 Pt score on top of my other points. I currently hold position of Squad Leader and I don’t need to skip the board by no mean but they seem to feel that Im ready for my promotion now or is it something else?
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Not all promotion-eligible Soldiers have their commander's recommendation to go before a promotion board. But those Soldiers could still be promoted by being placed on "command list integration," or CLI.

Soldiers on CLI are on the promotions standing list along with Soldiers who went before a promotion board. But those CLI Soldiers do not appear on the list with all the promotion points they earned. Instead, they are ranked on the list with either 39 points, if they are seeking promotion to sergeant, or 14 points if they are seeking promotion to staff sergeant.

When the Army needs to fill more spots in an MOS than the number of Soldiers sent before a promotion board for sergeant, for instance, it drops the promotion requirement for that MOS to 39. This allows the Army to fill its manning requirements by picking up for promotion all the Soldiers who went before a board, and to then also pick up additional Soldiers for promotion who did not go before the board.

The CLI was recently "automated," Uribe-Huitron said. He explained the CLI policy was written so that Soldiers could be put on the CLI if they did not go before a board. But if those same Soldiers become non-promotable for some reason, like being barred from enlistment or by failing their physical fitness test, their unit would have to notify Human Resources Command to take them off the CLI. Many units failed to make that notification.

There was a "very substantial" number of Solders on CLI that were not actually promotable," Uribe-Huitron said. "The most notorious reason was for not taking an APFT or for failing an APFT."

Now, he said, inclusion in CLI is automated. As of Nov. 21 Soldiers who become ineligible for promotion for some reason are automatically taken off CLI.

"It gives us a more accurate number of who we have eligible to fill promotion requirements," he said.
@TheWiseChief That clears it up, Thanks you. That is pretty cut and dry. So, I have 39 points standing and have a (P) Promotable status under CLI. Im no longer under a company recommendation to go to a board. They must have been misunderstood then.

But I won't get promoted unless points cut-off drop to 39 and there are no recommended solider that go to the board and pass for that month. I would be the bottom of that barrel.

or Re-Request to go to the board if there is one so that I may add my current points that I already have and get the proper recommendation to sergeant.

Side Story:
I did walk in to Battalion S1 before being told this. I asked the NOCIC there since there was only two people there and its was around 1620. Do you have an MOI and schedule for the up coming board. Her reply "no we don't, I know that CSM has a draft but nothing finalized."

Im just a SPC so roger that. So much inconsistency at my current unit, How is there not a board drafted months in advance and why even have CLI? Im just left with having to stand fast till the dates are set for a future board.
Sorry that I didn't get back to you soon enough. I think that the CLI list isn't a bad thing if you are in an MOS that might pop the 39 points. However, as a medic, that will never happen for me. I'm not sure that it would ever apply for you either. So really, what is the point?

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