will i lose my mos if i have to go to fitness company

my 1 mile time is still slow, i have made improvements i cut off 1 min 15 sec in last couple weeks but i still have about that much to go (and only 5 days left)
i haven't been able to run much outside because of icy conditions but i have been running up and down stairs 5 times a week 30 to 40 min at a time.
for me going to fitness company would not be the worst thing in the world other than i don't know what will happen with my mos (13M)
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Originally posted by Corvette1140:
Even if you did loose your MOS 13F isn't the most desirable one in the world, it would likely be a plus.

Way to make someone feel like they made the right decision......

Fireproof, once you reach basic training they will get your run time down -- don't you worry about that! Not many go in being able to pass the APFT first thing.

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