Hi everyone, I'm new here and wondering if you guys can answer my questions.
First off I'm engaged, and my fiance is currently at Ft. Benning going through Basic & AIT, which is combined, and he gets a 2 day liberty between the two. I was wondering, will he be able to recieve leave after AIT so we can get married? I heard from his mother who supposedly spoke with his commander at Ft. Benning, and they told her he would not be able to. However, he has only been at Ft. Benning for less than 3 weeks, and I wasn't aware that they would know so soon. .When will my fiance be able to know for sure, and where in the case that he has to go to his first asignment immediately, where does privates usually get sent to for their first one if they have an infantry related MOS?
Thank you so much!
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It is possible he can get leave, but really could go either way and you'll have to wait until he gets his orders with a report date to know one way or another. As far as where he will go next, it could be just about anywhere. Best of luck to you guys.
IMO, you will have ample time after he graduates to get married. I suggest patience. I been married for 20 years and was single for a long time in the military before tying the knot. Wink

He earns 2.5 days a month of leave, so after four months, he will have 10 days of leave. Many times, graduates will take 2 weeks and then will have a negative balance. I do not recommend that because you never know when an emergency might pop up.

He could be sent to any one of the infantry, airborne, air assault, cav divisions in the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii) and overseas to Germany, Korea or Italy. He should get his assignment about six weeks before AIT graduation.

Good luck.

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