Welcome to the “It’s cold outside and I need an iPod contest”

This contest will run through midnight January 31, 2006 at which time one winner will be chosen to win a 30 gig video iPod.

This contest has ended and we will be announcing the winner in a few days. Please come back and check out our new contest which will be announced in a few days.

Who is eligible?
Anyone with a valid United States Mailing address (an APO address counts as a valid U.S. Mailing address) that maintains a website, personal homepage or blog and posts a link to the ArmyStudyGuide.com site meeting the criteria stated below. To enter you must also have a free membership to our community, otherwise you won’t be able to send the submission to the “admin” account via private message as required.

What do you have to do to enter?
To be eligible to participate in this contest you must place a link or links to the ArmyStudyGuide.com homepage using the following link format: http://www.armystudyguide.com
Once the link is posted, a private message must be sent to the “admin” telling them the address (URL) of the page where the link is posted. Keep reading for more information on what types of sites, pages or blogs will not be accepted.

When will this contest be open?
This contest will run from the date and time of the posting of this message through midnight EST, January 31, 2006.

Why are you giving away another iPod?
We like to give away iPods because we feel that iPods increase the morale and welfare of the troops by offering them a way to listen to their music, ebooks, and watch videos with minimal intrusion upon the lives of those around them. We also know that a lot of people want an iPod and this is a prize that most anyone would be happy with. If you would rather us give away a Titanium Spork, please let us know.

How do I post the link to enter?
Posting a link is easy. If you maintain your own website, homepage or blog it is pretty safe to say that you already have the basic knowledge required to post the link. It is very important that the link posted point to the homepage of the ArmyStudyGuide.com site. The link should look as follows:

you can use an image to link to the ArmyStudyGuide.com site, but the link from the image must point to the homepage.

Although you submitted your information, if the link is not on the site when we draw the winner, another winner will be chosen. You are not required to keep the link on your site after the 31st of January, 2006, but it won’t hurt. In the future we may consider running more contests that involve pulling random pages that link to the ArmyStudyGuide.com site and enter them in a drawing.

We will not accept submissions from sites that fall within the following categories:
Websites, homepages, and blogs that contain information which is or could be considered
· Illegal in nature
· Offensive
· Contain pornographic material
· And any site which we feel does not match the high values set forth by this site.

Okay, I am confused. Why are you posting this now, but it does not end until January?
We were bored.

Hmm, one last question. Is the moon really made of cheese?
Only google knows the answer to that question. Click this link ( http://moon.google.com/ ) and view the map of the moon. Zoom in for the best image.

Are you only reading this far because you want to know how the winner will be contacted?
About 2 days after 31 Januaary, 2006, we will print all the submissions on index cards. The cards will be folded in half and placed in a bucket. One person will then be blindfolded and have their hands tied behind their back. Another person will stand on one their left foot with their right arm waiving in the air chanting “go, go, go…”. Yet a third person will close their eyes reach one hand into the bucket and draw a winner.

The winner will be contacted via the community message board through private message and via the email listed in their community member account (their profile). They will have one week to respond with a valid mailing address for us to ship the iPod to. If no response is received within one week, another winner will be chosen. We will also post the winner on the ArmyStudyGuide.com site in various places to include mentioning it in the community.

Updated 0052 hrs, 20051123
One entry per member / IP Address. Though we may miss spell Wink a lot of words, we are not dumb. If you are even thought to be attempting to manipulate the contest results in your favor by posting bogus links on many different sites, your entries will all be discarded.

We reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time without explanation if we feel that there is one or more persons abusing the system.

Updated 1630 hrs, 20051225
Our first contest is coming to an end. We have received some submissions for this contest and are looking forward to more coming in. If you have added a link, be sure to contact us through private message to tell us about it.
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