I dont know if the Reserves still do it, when I first came in this policy was still in effect, you would get promoted to SERGEANT, if you did not attend PLDC within one year of promotion, your rank was taken back and you were a SPC again.

This is no longer in effect, you can become a Sergeant and not go to WLC within one year and still keep your SGT rank.
PLDC used to be required. Now, things have changed and the only time you have to go to WLC is if you want to attend the E6 board. Same with BNOC. It is supposed to help those who deploy a lot and can't get a slot.

Now, I would suggest getting it done as soon as possible. Why wait until you are ready to go to the board to think "oh wait, I should go to WLC."
My good friend (recently promoted..finally), had a good 3-4 years without WLC. Not entirely his fault, mostly a lot of moving around and TDY. He was very high on the OML when returning from deployment, though. Prior to that, though, he hadn't attended and it hadn't been an issue..only was holding him up from making E6.
Originally posted by DevilDog 2Soldier:
If you are active duty can't you get flagged and barred from reenlistment for failure to progress if you have been an E-5 for a while and have not attended WLC.

NO. But you cant go to the promotion board to SSG without WLC unless you are deployed.
I just graduated BNCOC not too long ago and the instructors there told me that TRADOC is revamping all NCOES courses....what I mean by that is that you need to have the level of NCOES prior to your promotion or you will fall behind, i.e. E-1 to E-4 for WLC, E-5 for BNCOC(soon to be ALC), E-6 for ANCOC(soon to be ELC) and so on.
Actually, concerning ALC, they are supposed to be running a pilot of it this fall. They are supposed to start including a lot of stuff from ANCOC in it. The theory is to teach SSG or SGT(P) the tasks of a SFC before they make that rank. The same for WLC and the soon to be ELC (or 1SG's course).
I'm so glad to see that last post by 26 golf. That's the way it should be not "Oh let me get promoted to SGT before I start acting like one". You should portray yourself as if you were one rank higher before you should even be recommended.

Rule #1 Expect a Bad Hop!
say WHITE26GOLF...assuming your a tanker also. when you mention "ELC" i also assume that you are refering to M-SLC Maneuver-Senior Leaders Course...because for you and i that is the replacement ANCOC. only know that because i work here. make sure you know what your talking about before you share things with other so everybody is not completely jacked up because they went with something some guy wrote on the internet.
Digitalcamo, my post was written about a year before your correction. At the time the new acronyms had not even been in place yet. I was reciting what the SGL's had told me, and I even said don't take my word on the name ELC. Sorry, yes I now mean to say SLC, or to some M-SLC. I think that the content of the post was more important at the time than what the correct acronym was. Make sure you read the entire thread before you reply and sound all jacked up.

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