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I am currently a soldier that is ETSing through the Green to Gold program sometime towards the end of the year (probably December). My chain of command wants to send me to WLC, but I am currently enrolled in regular college courses (not online) because I need to make a credit hour cutoff before spring semester 2015 in January, hence the December ETS.

While I'm sure WLC would be beneficial to me in my future endeavors as an officer, I just simply don't have time for it with trying to squeeze in as much school as I can. They don't conflict with regular work hours, but I can't just go away for an entire month when I already have goals and objectives to meet.

Any suggestions?

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Well, future LT, I think you can figure this one out. Use the chain of command and let the see why this is important to you, and why WLC could possibly hinder yours AND the Army's plan.

If they don't see the light, then get with your professors and let them know the situation and work out a plan to do the classwork before and after. I have done it before. You can too. Your are going to be a problem solver for the Army very soon. Problem solve this.

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