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I was recently selected and attending WOCS in May. Since they give you the WOC rank to wear during the course, do I need to buy new ACU's with Velcro or replace my sew on rank with Velcro patches to accommodate the WOC rank?

Also do any recent graduates know if they are wearing the black PT's there yet? Don't want to be the only guy standing there in the new PT's.
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I just graduated in November...

the only WOC tabs they have are velcro so you will need to replace yours. whether you want to opt to buy all new uniforms or just replace the velcro is up to you though.

there will be 4 WOC tab changes while you are there (all white, snowbird, black WOC and gold WOC) and you wont have time to get them sewn on every time.

My class all had the old PTs, but a class that started when i was graduating had one person wearing the black ones. it was the same in WOBC, ones and twos. you are definitely authorized to wear them but you will stand out a little.

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