Worried that I'm getting played

So I've done my ASVAB done my Physical, and I'm working on my sercurity clearance. I told my recruiter when I first talk to him that I really really wanted to be a 68tango and he keeps trying to push me easily filled MOS's. I know recuriters can make a call and see if they can help those difficult mos's become avaiable. Well he has seemed really cool before totally understood everything I had going on with finishing school. Now it doesn't seem like he wants to give me that extra effort to help me get the MOS I really want and am already trained for. Is there something going on that and I'm taking a back seat temporarly or should I have a talk with him and if he doesn't help find a new recuriter
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I can tell you one thing. If I were a recruiter and you told me you couldn't leave for almost a year I would stay in touch with you but I would spend my time on people who want to sign now.

Now on your MOS, you may actually be better off checking into the Reserves/National guard. That's the same I say to Soldiers who want to be fireman. It's only so many places where they actually use Soldiers as Vet techs, and Fireman so it's only so many slots. I'm not a recruiter but I'm sure one will come along. But it's not the recruiter who is playing you.
Thing is, this is not the time to be super picky about jobs...you mentioned you want to have job stability, guess what? The Army can give you that, but not if you "hold out" for a certain job...you should have option a, b and even c...i always ask people "what happens if you cant get x job?" you going to wait, not join or join with a different job??...that way I know what Im up against when it comes to you not being able to get that job...the people above have no idea what they are talking about, they probably NEVER been in recruiting, have your Recrutier call the ROC (tell him just like that, "I want this job, can you call the ROC to see if its avaialbe or when he thinks it will be?"...if he doesnt want to help you, tell him "thanks, Ill go find another Recruiter" and walk away...find another one.
Thats the thing I have a back up 91bravo but I'd really rather get the 68tango and since I have time till I cam leave I'd figure I'll hold out cause 91 bravo's are way more common. But it doesn't seem like he is willing to call ROC and I'm courious if it's because of the last bit of paperwork stuff that's not done yet or if he just doesn't want to give me that effort. He has been really cool with me up until now but he hasn't been there much either like he has taken me to MEPS once out of the three times I've been there. And he doesn't call and check up on me much, so I don't know if he is not worried that I'll do something stupid and back out of enlisting or if he doesn't care
The 2 hours at MEPS is where the magic will happen. Bring your game face. I walked in with 2 MOSs in my head. My plan was to get up and fake walk out if they didn't go for the first one - then come back in and give the 2nd one a shot. I stood up when they said no to the first one and they caved.
Sorry to say-

The Army doesn't have to play hardball with you right now. Enlistments are up so high that you don't matter much.

That being said, work with your recruiter. Tell him/her straight up what you want and let them talk with MEPS. Or you can go in again and talk with the ROC until you get what you want. Tell them specifically
-which job
-how long you can wait to get it.

Some jobs are a long wait to ship off because they are so full at AIT.
already trained for...as in that's what your going to college for? If you're getting your degree in it you can use ACASP, unless it no longer exists,I used it a few years ago.

You can skip AIT and go to your first duty station from basic training and just go through a checklist with your first NCO to get a MOS certification from the schoolhouse. When I walked out of MEPS I had where I was going to basic with my follow on assignment.
I keep hearing people say "you pick your MOS at MEPS." Is that the same everywhere? If so why am I going back and forth with my recruiter on finding an MOS for me that I want? Shouldnt I just go directly to MEPS and talk to him? Am I working with the middle man and will have to go to wholesaler in the end anyway?
Spicer, I am not a recruiter I am sure there is something they can do to make sure that you can get the job you want. However when I went to the recruiter I gave him a list of jobs I wanted but he was up front with me and told me to take it to the Career Counselor at meps....However I was in a different situation.
if you are a hgh school sr, grad or in college you can pick your job with your recruiter. he uses a live system called fsr2 to help you look for the jobs that are available and which you qualify for based off of your EST or ASVAB score. a job like vet tech is hard to come by these days. playing hardball with meps just makes it harder for you in the future. if you dont pull a job with a recruiter you need to have an idea of what you want to do when you go to meps. also the only way they can do split op is if you are a Jr in HS or in college and thats thru reserves only.
My suggestion to the OP is that you make a reservation with the Recruiter before you go to the MEPS. The guidance counselor there at the MEPS generally has the same job options open to you that the Recruiter does. The only difference is that when the GC calls to check job availability, he gets bumped to the front of the line over the phone. The GC can also check to see if you have the line scores for the job you want. The Recruiter can also do this, but it does take a little research on his part. Some will send you to MEPS and let the GC check for you, some will do it on their own.

No disrespect, but our job is to get you into the Army and to match you with a job that is available and you qualify for.

Also, I would check with your Recruiter or his Station Commander about how well the hard sell bit will work. I know a MEPS that I use will tell you to call your Recruiter if you don't want to pick an available job. This MEPS is busy enough and there are enough people ready to join, that they don't have the time to spare on someone who is job shopping.
"In my personal opinion, if you can't get exactly what you want, don't join."

Yea...because that is exactly what the Army wants filling it ranks right? Look the Army does not need to cater to anyone right now.If you do not want to join,then do not join.There are many jobs in the Army that you can probably do and you have never even thought about doing them. Vet Tech is a very obscure job in the Army,I have never seen it on FSR2S so ACASP or not, good luck getting it. Seriously think of another carrer path in the Army.I mean whats the real reason you want to join the Army?

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